It’s a force field, and there is no stopping Calvin Harris

File photo of Calvin Harris; Photo credit: Kadellar

By Shella Sebay

Las Vegas Informer

If we envision a Vegas nightclub as a bowl of ice cream, then Calvin Harris can be the whipped cream (and the sprinkles and the cherry).  Literally, he takes the nightlife atmosphere to an entirely new, entirely sweeter, level.

Harris was the featured guest DJ at Wynn’s Surrender nightclub this past weekend.  He has established himself as one of the most popular DJs/singers/songwriters of today’s young generation, and this was no secret.  Surrender was a mad house.  An hour before the club even opened, a line stretched from the intimidating red velvet ropes back in to the middle of the casino.  Everything seemed just a notch above ordinary Vegas glamour.  Heels were higher, dresses were shorter, ties were stiffer, and shoes were shinier.  Everyone was there to see Calvin or (inhale) to have Calvin see them.

Women, who are normally welcomed into clubs free of charge, had to pay a $20 cover on this night, and men had a cover staring at $75 (depending on how many women were in their group).  However, no one was complaining about the cash they were dropping at the door or inside at the bar.  The inside of the club was decorated from wall to wall with shoulder-to-shoulder fans, and they only kept coming as the night went on.

Surrender opened their doors at 10:30 p.m., but Harris did not take to the stage till a little after 1:00 a.m.  In order to keep the crowd in anticipation, the speakers blared Calvin-inspired-music: dropped beats, blaring percussions, and techno/robotic-like music solos.  By the time Harris finally made his way to the stage, the security, the red ropes, and the earplugs had all doubled.  Harris played some of his most popular crowd favorites including “Feels So Close,” “We Fell In Love,” “Bounce,” “Sweet Nothing” and “We’ll Be Coming Back.”  The high-volume, non-stop music, the hot room, and the dim lights gave a sense of euphoria to everyone in the crowd.  With the long path of blinking Surrender glow sticks held high in the air, the crowd was easily three levels above impressed: the screaming and the dancing did not die down for a single moment during Harris’s stage time.  “It was a blast.  The music was rocking, and everyone was having a good time,” said Doug Sinclair, a fan of Harris’s music.

Vegas nightlife of 2013 will, no doubt, see many more crazy nights, but Calvin Harris is the first to set the bar this year.  We’ll see if he can break his own record when he returns to Surrender once again at the end of this month.

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