Yvette Brown and Eric Auger: A Cosmopolitan Love Connection

By Joe Buda

Las Vegas Informer

Photos by Roger Bennett

The Cosmopolitan Connected came out en masse on Feb. 6 to celebrate Yvette Brown’s birthday and recent engagement to Eric Auger.

Yvette, founder of Cosmopolitan Connections, met Eric, the Honorary Consul of France and real estate professional, at one of her events.

“I met Eric when he was introduced to me at one of my Cosmopolitan Connections Events, at The Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage, on April 5, 2012,” Yvette recalled. “It was our ‘Unleashed Swimwear Bikini Model Event,’ and his friend David had brought him along to see the models.”

“We met and it was love at first sight,” Yvette added, “and he promises me from that point onwards he didn’t even look at the models.  Ha. Ha.”

According to Eric, he almost did not attend that event.

“That night I was sitting comfortably at home watching TV and relaxing after a long day at work when my good friend David Chavez called to invite me to go to Yvette’s event,” Eric explained. “At first I refused but he obviously would not put the phone down until I said yes. I finally accepted, got dressed and went to the Revolution lounge.”

Both Yvette and Eric felt an instant connection.

“It was that very strange feeling that we knew each other but could not figure out from where or when,” Eric recalled. “The minute I saw her I instantly told myself, ‘she is mine. No matter what it takes, she must be mine.’ The rest is history.”

Yvette agreed.

“I think we realized we were perfect for each other the moment we started chatting at my event,” Yvette explained. “Yes it was a love at first sight moment, but we also knew that we had so much in common to talk about and still do almost twelve months later.”

“I’ve always been a strong believer in networking; whether for personal, business or both, and this has proven to me that you can meet even your future spouse at one of our events, as it happened to me,” continued Yvette.

The proposal occurred at Yvette’s Jan. 9 event at The Oracle Mansion.

“Proposing at Yvette’s event was a very symbolic move,” Eric explained. “I met her at one of her events so I thought it would be appropriate to make my next move at her event too.”

Eric felt it was necessary to propose in front of Yvette’s friends.

“I know how important they (her friends) are to her,” Eric added. “I wanted them to be part of the excitement.”

Eric wanted the proposal to be bold, unexpected and unforgettable.

“I wanted to create an intense and long lasting memory for her,” continued Eric.

After Yvette completed the weekly business card prize drawing on stage, Eric made his move.

“After being nervous for the two or three hours preceding going on stage, I just told myself, ‘That’s it. You are on,’ and stepped on stage,” Eric recalled.

Eric climbed up on stage.  “Interestingly, the Oracle Mansion is the only venue that has a stage and not steps to get on it,” Eric joked. “When I realized that, my first thought was ‘of course I had to pick the only venue with a stage I need to climb on.’”

Yvette was surprised when she saw Eric making his way up on stage.

“As soon as I saw him climbing up on the stage I said in my head, ‘oh my gosh, what are you doing,’ Yvette recalled. “And then he popped the question.”

“I have to say he is very brave getting up in front of our 200 plus event guests live in stage on the microphone, and I’m super excited and glad he did,” added Yvette.

Eric proposal was not rehearsed, but came from his heart instead.

“I had not really prepared any ‘speech’ or anything so I relied on my heart and adrenaline,” explained Eric.

“Yvette was so shocked by me just asking her to marry me that she took about five seconds before responding,” Eric continued. “It was the longest five seconds of my life.”

In true Cosmopolitan Connections style, Yvette threw a huge event to celebrate her engagement and birthday.

And huge it was.  There were over 300 RSVPs for the party.  Both Yvette and Eric were grateful for such a large turnout.

“It makes me feel on top of the world to have so many of our Cosmopolitan Connected friends attend such important monuments of my life,” Yvette remarked.  “I am grateful that I have venues that allow and cater to so many guests, and Gold Lounge at Aria and their amazing staff really worked with me on this one to make it a fabulous event as always.”

“It was just overwhelming to see so many people showing up for her birthday and engagement party,” Eric remarked. “To this date this was the largest event ever in Cosmopolitan Connections history.”

“I think it is no coincidence so money people came as Yvette invests herself in helping others day and day out,” Eric explained. “I think people have a sixth sense and know when someone is genuine, true and cares about people.”

“She projects that energy in every relationship she builds and the biggest reward she can receive from it is seeing how much people appreciate her,” Eric continued. “This is what last week’s event was about to me.”

Next up for Cosmopolitan Connections is “The Pre-Valentine’s Single OR Mingle Event!” on Feb. 13.  The event is taking place at The Deuce Lounge inside of Aria Resort and begins at 7 p.m.

The evening features a candy jar counting contest sponsored by the “Las Vegas Informer.”  The winner of the contest will receive a free Dam Helicopter Co. Ride for two people, a $118 value.

For upcoming Cosmopolitan Connections events, please visit their Facebook page here:  Cosmopolitan Connections Facebook.  

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  1. Thanks SO much The Las Vegas Informer and Joe Buda for an amazing article we will keep forever! Cheers Yvette Brown 🙂

  2. What a Beautiful love story Yvette & Eric !! <3
    Love you both, Denise Ippolito

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