“Jersey Boys” Entertains at Paris Las Vegas

Jersey-boysBy Shella Sebay

Las Vegas Informer

There is a single line on the “Jersey Boys” poster that reads, “The crowd goes wild.”  The New York Times could not have been more dead-on.  The show is phenomenal.

In regards to the music, the quality is unmatched.  Close your eyes and it is almost as if you are sitting on a 1960s living room sofa, listening to a Four Seasons record.  The four main guys of the cast are dead-on with the impersonations of the legends they play.  (Travis Cloer and Graham Fenton play Frankie Valli.  Jeff Leibow plays Nick Massi.  Rob Marnell plays Bob Gaudio, and Deven May plays Tommy Devito.)  Not a single song is left out.  The men perform every major hit in the order they were released, and they also share the background stories and inspirations of each song.

Throughout the show, the characters constantly break the fourth wall.  They take the audience back in time, and welcome us right into their world.  Each of the four men have their own time to give their side of the story.  They take turns being the narrators of this amazing partnership.  It becomes easy to get wrapped up into the whirlwind of trying times and insurmountable fame.

Unlike other Vegas shows, “Jersey Boys” is not just a concert—it is also a story.  The plot line tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  The audience is exposed to Frankie’s love life, the initial meeting of Tommy and Frankie, the addition of Bob Gaudio into the group, and the boys’ induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The cast takes you through every up and every down on the journey from the beginning—a group of guys singing others’ hits under a street lamp, to the end—a group of music legends.

“Jersey Boys’” new home is at the Paris Casino, and buying a ticket will be well worth your while.  This show is guaranteed to give you goose bumps, and, in return, will receive a guaranteed standing ovation.

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