InSPIRITations: How Do I Love Thee

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The poet Kabir wrote “The river that flows in you, also flows in me.”  The flow of love is within us and around us. It is the strongest force and energy on earth.

We all have felt love at some point in our lives. The problem for some is that over time, they have been hurt, perhaps once or perhaps several times, but nevertheless, it cut to the core and we shut ourselves off from fully loving again for fear of being hurt again.

However, when we block our hearts to love, we are actually in lack. We don’t think that there is another love like the one we had, or that we are so hurt, that we think that all people will treat us the same way that the person who hurt us did.

Another thing to consider when we block ourselves to love is that we don’t fully love ourselves or feel worthy of love. We draw towards ourselves what we really believe we are deserving in our lives. If we  believe that  we can find a love who will love and cherish us, then we will manifest that person into our life.

So how do we open our hearts to love? We can start by loving ourselves. What is it that really makes you feel loved? What brings you joy? Instead of waiting on someone else to fulfill those needs and wants, work on bringing that to yourself. Be kind and compassionate with yourself. Forgive yourself and accept yourself just the way you are at this moment. Support your personal and spiritual growth by attending seminars, reading uplifting and inspiring books. Have the intent to be more loving to yourself and others and take small action steps each day to express the love already inside you. When we love ourselves, it becomes easier for us to love other people.

All relationships are opportunities to practice and learn about love. Once we experience the power of love, our lives will become more enjoyable and uplifting. Every relationship is an invitation to journey to a deeper level of understanding ourselves. Bless every relationship that comes into our lives even if it is short lived. Each relationship can be a stepping stone to the next level of a more fulfilling relationship.

Every year on May 1st is Global Love Day. I have been the Nevada State Ambassador for several years now. My invitation to you is why not make every day global love day? And, as Michael Jackson sang in a song, it’s starts with the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Mitzi Reed is the founder of ASPIRE Conferences, llc, ™ and is dedicated to raising the awareness, promoting healthier lifestyles and to empowering people in all aspects of their personal and spiritual development. She is also the founder of SpiritDove, a ministry dedicated to being a messenger of Love, Peace, and Happiness. Mitzi’s passion and purpose is inspiring others to tap into the power and beauty of their soul. Event Coordinator/promoter. Life and Holistic Business Coach, Author and Speaker, Peace and Sacred Activist.  Mitzi is a connector, a community organizer, a visionary and passion is empowering others to live their fullest lives. She was voted by the Las Vegas Community as Best Community Resource in the Inspiration Magazine.

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