Advantages of Upright MRI

By Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC

Las Vegas Informer

Take advantage of upright MRI to help diagnosis your condition and speed your recovery. Upright MRI, also known as weight-bearing MRI and standing MRI, is a valuable diagnostic tool. Many issues not revealed on traditional recumbent MRI are more viewable on upright MRI.

The body’s posture and biomechanics differ when weight bearing compared to when lying down. Stress on joints is greater in a weight bearing position. The joint space is reduced while weight bearing. Often times symptoms are intensified in a weight bearing position.

Having x-rays and MRI’s taken while weight bearing is vital in determining the health of joints and the source of symptoms. Weight bearing MRI’s and x-rays provide more information than non-weight bearing studies. The importance of upright MRI’s and x-rays cannot be overstressed.

In my professional clinical experience I have observed upright MRI studies reveal more information than recumbent MRI. In some cases the recumbent MRI’s didn’t reveal the source of the symptoms. In other cases the recumbent MRI results looked normal or close to normal.

The differences in results found on upright MRI compared to recumbent MRI were astonishing. The information helped the patients and the doctors by pointing them in the correct treatment direction.

Recently an upright MRI disclosed a condition on a patient’s knee that was not present on the recumbent MRI. The provided information helped the patient tremendously.

Upright MRI can be performed standing or sitting. The study can be done with the patient maintaining a position that elicits symptoms. Information revealed in a symptom-eliciting position more directly correlates with the patient’s condition.

Most patients prefer the comfort and openness of an upright MRI over recumbent MRI. Many individuals have reported claustrophobic feelings from being in a covered recumbent MRI. Others reported discomfort from lying still in a supine position for long periods on the hard surface of a recumbent MRI.

Ask your healthcare provider or imaging center about utilizing upright MRI. Demand an upright MRI if you had a recumbent MRI and the results were unrevealing. The differences in the finding are usually significant. Specific sources of symptoms can be noted in a weight bearing positions that are not observable in a recumbent study.

Upright MRI is a powerful diagnostic tool which provides valuable information that may accelerate your recovery.

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