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By: Tony Gaglione

“I’m older and wiser,” Mayweather said. “I don’t need to put myself in any rough predicaments anymore. I’ve done all that. I don’t have to come out and tell you guys how fast my hands are or how good my jab is. I just have to go out there and do it. There are still tough competitors still in the sport, I want to compete with the top competition.” This is a statement that gets under my skin, in no way shape or form am I doubting the world class skills of Floyd Mayweather, but I do wish he would showcase those skills against another world class opponent in this day and age. Floyd Mayweather has fought some of the greatest fighters in several different weight classes in the history of boxing. Floyd’s undefeated record includes victories over Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya, and one of the greatest super featherweight fights of all time, the late Diego Corrales, a Las Vegas native.

Floyd’s resume obviously shows he is an established fighter, however since 2007, Floyd has stacked the cash by fighting for big paydays against past their prime, or less established fighters, all the while ducking a so called ‘’super fight’’ with Manny Pacquiao. 2007 started with a convincing knockout victory against past his prime fighter Ricky Hatton. 2009 Floyd fought a fighter in Juan Manuel Marquez who was beaten by Pacquiao twice before, Floyd won by unanimous decision. 2010 Floyd fought Shane Mosley after Shane had reached the not so ripe boxing age of 38 and past his prime. 2011 ‘’money’’ fought a less established fighter in Victor Ortiz and won by knockout in what in my opinion was a cheap shot. I was at the fight at the MGM Grand against Victor Ortiz and semi close to hall of famer Mike Tyson, after the knockout Tyson threw his hands up in the air in what looked to me like disgust. Former announcer of HBO boxing Larry Merchant also insinuated it was a cheap shot and said “I wish I was 50 years younger and I would kick your ass.” Floyd’s 43rd and 44th wins came against past his prime Miguel Cotto, and Robert Guerrero. Cotto was already beaten by Pacquiao and Guerrero has most definitely not proven he can match up at all with his biggest win coming against Andre Berto.

There are many opponents that would match up against Floyd Mayweather today, however Floyd Mayweather is the one and only person who decides who Floyd Mayweather fights. Manny Pacquiao would be the obvious, but young up and comers like Canelo Alvarez, Devon Alexander or Timothy Bradley Jr have proved they can match up. Fighters in boxing don’t get remembered for fighting the fights they want to fight for cash payouts, they get remembered for beating the best. A little note from me to any boxing champ, fight the next best boxer in line, not the fighter you choose, to be the best, you have to beat the best. Fans of boxing don’t pay $69.99 for a pay per view fight or $1,000 for a live ticket to see someone embarrass the opponent, that’s a waste of hard earned money, fans of boxing pay to see the best fighters in the world fight the best fighters in the world.

Tony GaglioneTony Gaglione, born September 26th 1985, raised on the south side of Chicago. I got into sports at a very early age with playing little league baseball and the spirit of competition grew into all sports. I became an avid fan of all sports and played baseball through high school and Amateur Independent leagues. After relocating to Las Vegas I quickly became hooked on the Rebels, Wranglers, and 51’s. I host an internet sports talk radio show called Smacktalk with my co-host and friend Shawn Adams And one day hope to work for ESPN as a columnist, analyst, or radio show host.

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15 Responses to For The Money Mayweather

  1. Yes you are good and faster but your father consider you as a greatest boxer but in my opinion, you are not because you did not fight the best and greatest boxer in you generation? You are picking those boxer that you think you are winable. You always ducking the best fighter there is in your generation and this ducking will be rembembered until your time will end in this world and that is history of ducking!!!!!

  2. Tony, Pac fought most of these guys after Mayweather. If they were bums when Floyd fought them, why is Manny praised for beating them? When Floyd talked about fighting Alexander instead of Guerrero, there was an uproar. Now you say he matches up. Once Floyd beats him, he’ll be a bum again. Once he beats Canelo, he’ll be young and inexperienced like Ortiz. Face it, Mayweather will never get any credit from you guys.

    • I don’t give a sh#$t who he fights, it’s his life and as he said he values his health more than anything else (meaning he’d rather fight cab drivers, club fighters and no-hopers). What riles me is the gall of proclaiming himself not just an all time greatest but the greatest!!!! That is an insult to fighters like Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Alexis Arguello and others who tested and are willing to test themselves! Prizefighting has no place for pussies!

    • And if he can fool the Americans, let it be, let the Americans fool themselves!

    • Typical mentality of a Floyd fan. The whole he’s a “victim” of unfairness is getting old. Someday you will see that people are not hating on him for the sake of hating. There is logic and reason behind it. I’ll try to keep it simple for you:

      I would give a middleweight moving up to heavyweight and beating the Klitchkos more credit than if a heavyweight who was in the division for numerous fights were to beat him. Why? Because it is more of an uphill challenge. You ignore that pacquiao moved up from fighting years at 130lbs (1 fight at 135 with diaz) to fight Oscar and Hatton while mayweather had several years experience in the Welterwieght division before fighting Hatton.

      Also, similar to how basketball team can destroy their opponent by 50 points instead of barely beating the opponent by a single point in the last 3 seconds of a game, there are clearly more impressive victories. You are ignoring the part where pacquiao gets credit for destroying hatton in 2 rounds with a KO instead of the 10 rounds it took mayweather. You also ignore the part where Pacquiao made Oscar quit on his stool from his beating instead of just barely getting a decision after 12 rounds like Mayweather did.

      Make sense?

  3. pussy floyd who?

  4. his new monicker should be Floyd “The older and wiser” Mayweather….heheheh

  5. Floydie just don’t have the balls. His most notable is against Corrales but Corrales, great as he was, is definitely not in the same league as Barrera and Eric Morales.

  6. You hit it right on the head Bro. Fight the best if you think you are the best. Fans are smarter than you think. They are tired of Mayweather\s cherry picking less skilled, non exciting opponent. Probably best ducker not best boxer of all time.

  7. Yes..Fight the best if your the best..Pacquioa or Canelo.Pac and Rios will be a PPV hit.Finally fans are speaking out. Mayweather fight these guys…no more alibis!

  8. scared to fight PACquiao…FACT

  9. “past his prime Hatton”… You do realize Hatton was undefeated when he fought Mayweather? Do you really know anything about boxing?

  10. those who watch gayweather fights are the ones to blame…and that includes many or most of you guys in this forum… the cherry picker will continue to do what he does best (cherry pick opponents) as long as he can continue to laugh himself to the bank after every sparring session on PPV

  11. Mayweather is a coward boxer that fights only with low caliber boxers, why not fight Canelo Alvarez or Manny Pacquiao.

  12. Antonio …… After looking into it you sir are correct hatton was around 27. I personally thought he was much older. Thanks for the correction. And yes I know boxing 😉

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