Pull-Up Bar Hanging Traction

By Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC

Las Vegas Informer

Traction your spine and stretch your muscles by hanging from a pull-up bar. This simple procedure helps build a healthier spine.

Pull-up bar hanging traction can be performed any time of the day. It is most effective in the cool down phase of your exercise session. Traction is extremely important for spine health after performing exercises that compress the spine. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts and overhead presses compress the spinal column.

Spinal Benefits: Traction lessens compression of the intervertebral discs (IVD) and stretches the spinal muscles. Intervertebral discs are located between the vertebrae. They function to distribute shock. Decompression of the spine is a key component to keeping the IVD healthy. Pull-up bar hanging traction helps lessens pressure on the IVD.

Traction from a pull-up bar stretches the spinal muscles. The powerful muscles of the spine work to flex, extend, bend and twist the spine. Hanging from a pull-up bar provides a productive stretch for the spinal muscles.

Shoulder Benefits: Hanging from a pull-up bar stretches the shoulder muscles. Numerous shoulder muscles attach various bones to the upper arm. Stretching the shoulder muscles in a vertical manner through pull-up bar hanging traction increases muscle flexibility, improves joint motion and lessens muscle tension.

Performance: Grab onto a pull-up bar and hang downward. Extra weight is not required, the weight of your lower body is sufficient. Perform pull-up bar hanging traction with your legs straight and with your hips and knees bent. Each position tractions the spine and stretches the muscles at a slightly different angle. To better control the amount of stretch, you can place your feet on blocks while letting your spine stretch.

Target the shoulder muscles at a variety of angles. Grip the overhead bar with both palms facing forward, palms facing each other and palms facing you. Hold your head facing front, not bent forward or backward.

Hold a comfortable traction/stretch for thirty to ninety seconds. Execute two or three sets following a training session for optimum results.

Hanging from a pull-up bar is an easy way to stretch the spinal muscles and traction the spine. Build lifelong spine and shoulder health by consistently using pull-up bar hanging traction as a key ingredient in your post-workout cool down.

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Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is the owner and treating doctor at Championship Chiropractic. 2595 S. Cimarron Rd, Suite #100, Las Vegas, NV 89117.  His web address is Championship Chiropractic. He can be contacted at (702) 286-9040 and DrO@ChampionshipChiropractic.com.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello’s mission is to educate and inspire others to live healthier, fitter, more functional lives.

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Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC writes a weekly health, fitness, exercise and nutrition column for The Las Vegas Informer. His is published in OnFitness MagazineLivestrong.comSpineUniverse.com and EHow.com.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is an award-winning public speaker. He has spoken to numerous groups on the importance of health, fitness, exercise, ergonomics, nutrition and injury prevention.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is a fitness enthusiast. Functional kettlebell training, bike riding and running are his favorite forms of exercise.

Before pursuing his career in Chiropractic, Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Bremerton, SSN 698.

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2 Responses to Pull-Up Bar Hanging Traction

  1. Great thx…do my feet rest on the ground or are they off the ground?
    I mean should I have the bar a little taller than me so I am truely hanging??

  2. Hello Simon
    Great question. It can be done either way. Some people tell me they get more benefit with there feet hanging free while others say they receive greater benefit with their toes or heels resting on an object.
    I recommend that you place your feet very lightly on an object or on the floor. Here’s the reason. I have found through personal trails and heard through feedback from fitness trainers and patients that when the feet are hanging freely there is increased core muscle engagement. Meaning the muscles of the core are contracting to a greater degree. This lessens the amount of stretch and traction on the spine.
    Therefore try placing your feet very lightly on an object and see if you feel an increased amount of traction. Experiment with a variety of leg positions to determine which ones produce the best results.

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