Las Vegas Fashion Week 2013: The glamour continues combined with tastings, touched by wine angels

by Shella Sebay

Photos by Dr. Sindy Baca

Informer Media Group

Las Vegas, with its rich culture and glamorous lifestyles, is filled to the brim with fabulousness.  Jennifer Strom, the mastermind behind the newly developed Las Vegas Fashion Week, capitalizes on the glitter and mystique of one of the top destinations in the world with the second annual fashion week May 20-25.

For the second year, Strom’s vision has brought together local designers from a variety of platforms to share and showcase their works.  “I wanted to come up with this concept of local designers presented on a natural scale,” said Strom.  “That way, the local industry could thrive.”  Strom developed her love of fashion while working part-time at Macy’s during high school.  From there, she worked her way up to an assistant buyer of a successful online clothing company, and her passion was soon mixed with knowledge.  “Everything about a brand was right in front of me,” said Strom as her brown eyes widened with excitement.

Strom went on to land an internship in New York for Tory Burch.  “It wasn’t intimate at all.  It’s not like I was rubbing elbows with her or anything.  But I did learn.  I got to see events crash and burn and then come back to life the next day.”  As Strom now knows, the fashion industry is all about revival out of the ashes.  With the weight of the Las Vegas Fashion Week on her small shoulders, the result was beautiful, and the city easily welcomed the idea.  Las Vegas opened its doors to Strom’s designers and models, including places like the luxurious Aureole inside the Mandalay Bay.

Aureole’s Chef Charlie Palmer extended a hearty welcome to Strom, and he even offered a contest to her designers – create a new uniform for Aureole’s famous wine angels.  The winner, Bunker Hill Bradley, now has the honor of having the angels wear his original design, which has transformed and redefined the image of the wine angels.  Seeing the suits with their multicolored fabric and built-in lights presents Bradley as a true artist.  “All my designs start with a white piece of fabric,” said Bradley, “even the angel suits.”  “And,” added Bradley with a laugh, “If Charlie lets me, I can design a chef top for him as well.”

On May 23, a private runway show was held at Aureole to debut the new wine angels’ uniform as well as showcase other Las Vegas designers’ fashions.


Strom’s vision has brought numerous local designers into the spotlight, and she is determined to make Las Vegas a serious fashion savvy city with respected designers.  When asked if fashion week would be back next year, Strom’s answer was quick and confident, “Definitely.”

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