Look Out Las Vegas: Up and Coming Band The Mass Distractors take First Fridays by Storm!

859213_10200736596565258_258484616_oBy Chandra Healy

Look out Las Vegas, young talent rises as this up as The Mass Distractors performed original music, written by the band’s lead singer and guitarist William Neal at First Friday in downtown Las Vegas. A group of highly talented musicians share a dynamic energy together, as their funky rhythm, expressive lyrics and breathtaking solos bring an unforgettable stage performance. This young and innovative group of individuals have found their niche. The band performed at The First Friday Event held in downtown Las Vegas, which takes place the first Friday of each month between 5 -11 p.m. Not only is First Friday a local hot spot for Las Vegas residents, but it is a venue for artists to showcase their work, which includes a variety of cultural, art, music, jewelry design, portraits to tattoo inspired art, sensational food and an all around good time.

This vivacious band is in a genre of music like no other, progressive in its roots with an influential style of world music with a European twist. This unique sound of The Mass Distractors is inspired by a progressive blend of punk, ska, pop rock with some added gypsy flavor, bringing a new genre of music to the for front, which exemplifies their pure passion for what they produce as artists. The musicality of this band is displayed through their versatile use of instruments ranging from guitars, saxophones, trombones, and accordions. The bands style of music includes a jaw-dropping musical grooves and real life lyrics brings this bands unique flair of raw talent to a live audience.

The Mass Distractors perform around the Las Vegas area and appear to have a small, yet promising and loyal fan base. The band was established in Las Vegas in June of 2012 by lead singer and guitarist Neal and Sjoen who performs vocals and plays the violin, accordion, trombone, trumpet and bouzouki; this young artist may well be above his time! The Mass Distractors are more than just a local band trying to make it in the music industry. These young individuals are educated in their craft, and a majority of the band holds a Bachelors or Masters degree in music and marketing.

So how did this talented group of individuals begin their journey as The Mass Distractors? A vivid memory in the eyes of lead singer Neal, reveals his first encounter with Sjoen who answered a musician wanted add posted in craigslist. He describes that day with what appeared to be a sense of camaraderie and respect for Sjoen who arrived to a rehearsal with a violin in one hand and an accordion in the other; as Neal unveils each detail about the arrival of each band member, his demeanor quickly shifts to a heart felt explanation that is sure to bring a smile to any outsider looking in.

Their journey started as merely a night to jam with other musicians at an open mic night, which evolved into an eight member band ensemble that displays a wide variation of rhythmic vitality, Neal adds, “We have two goals, to make music and bring fun and joy to an audience.”

Their album “Well Dressed Rodents EP” is available online, which includes a variety of up beat songs and impressive saxophone and horn section solos, which are sure to keep your head stirring and your heart raising. “Music is the only thing you can keep with you until the day you die,” said Neal.


What is it about this band that brings a smile to an audience or a galloping like stride of an individual dancing his heart a way? It’s their passion and true admiration for their music and their audience. This band is unique in their style and call true to form on their name as they distract onlookers with their tantalizing tunes, bright wardrobe, catchy hooks and pulsating grooves through the crowd. The Mass Distractors are sure to gain notice with their undoubted talent and musicality, these youngsters are sure to be a Las Vegas favorite. A collaboration of an eight talented members makes this band ensemble unstoppable and will leave the audience of all ages wanting more! Check out “The Mass Distractors” at First Friday Downtown, and when you find yourself….MASSIVELY DISTRACTED….Stay, Chill and Enjoy your Massive Distraction with The Mass Distractors.

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