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Opportunities are all around us but sometimes we walk right past them. Opportunities for growth come in many different ways. I was at a painting class where we were supposed to paint what we saw or felt. I thought I was painting something yet, it didn’t look like anything and I was a little frustrated. The instructor came up to me, facing me and exclaimed “look at that, a dolphin!” She turned the picture around and sure enough, I had painted a dolphin. It took turning it around and looking at it from another perspective before I saw what was already there.

How many time have you walked by something and didn’t notice it, but when you walked back, you noticed it? The same thing is with opportunities.

We can make choices to put aside those beliefs that no longer serve us and create new beliefs. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Positive energy creates positive results. Turn your focus from something don’t want to something you do want.   We can also change our environment, the people we hang around, the places we visit, and try new things.

Walk to work and be aware of your surroundings. Go on an adventure in your own neighborhood.  Talk to someone while waiting in line and ask what they do. Make an effort to connect with people you pass. Learn a new skill.  Do something that will take you out of your ordinary setting and look at things differently

Write in a dream journal your dreams, aspirations, goals. List ways you can create opportunities to achieve them.

Be open and receptive to new opportunities, ideas and signs. Do not wait for opportunities to find you but rather seek and identify them.  As Milton Berle stated, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

In Spirit,

Mitzi Reed

Mitzi Reed is the founder of ASPIRE Conferences, llc, ™ and is dedicated to raising the awareness, promoting healthier lifestyles and to empowering people in all aspects of their personal and spiritual development. She is also the founder of SpiritDove, a ministry dedicated to being a messenger of Love, Peace, and Happiness. Mitzi’s passion and purpose is inspiring others to tap into the power and beauty of their soul. Event Coordinator/promoter. Life and Holistic Business Coach, Author and Speaker, Peace and Sacred Activist.  Mitzi is a connector, a community organizer, a visionary and passion is empowering others to live their fullest lives. She was voted by the Las Vegas Community as Best Community Resource in the Inspiration Magazine.

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