Results-driven janitorial service caters to industry leaders

A1 Janitorial clients are industry leaders and include Sapphire Pool and Day Club.

A1 Janitorial clients are industry leaders and include Sapphire Pool and Day Club.

By Guy Dawson

Las Vegas Informer

Pam Washington, the Owner of Las Vegas-based A1 Janitorial Services and Carpet Sharks Carpet Cleaning said that her focus on quality and attention to detail attracts clients with a similar mindset. Currently, her 20 year old company caters to a host of industry leaders including the American Express Lounge, Qualcomm, the Absinthe Show at Caesars Palace and Sapphire Pool and Day Club.

“We specialize in providing service to a certain kind of client and they tend to be extremely demanding,” she said. “They absolutely insist on everything being the best and see the correlation between price and value. Our goal at A1 Janitorial is for them not to have to think about their janitorial service at all because everything is done to perfection.”

According to Washington, the evolution of the A1 Janitorial Service business model has been the result of a lot of trial and error. Through reflection and then correction she has learned which type of client she is best able to satisfy. Ultimately, she has discovered that her greatest gift as businesswoman is her ability to problem solve.

“It took me awhile to figure out who would see value in my business,” she said. “I’m a helper, a server type of person and I tend to work with businesses that are having problems with their janitorial services. I love to create value by riding in on a white horse and providing the solution.”

Washington credits her family’s southern roots and her father’s emphasis on excellence as being instrumental in the development of her business philosophy.

“I was raised to extend southern hospitality which is all about taking care of people,” she remarked.” My father always encouraged me to be the Oscar Winner at whatever I am doing whether it is digging ditches or running a business. At A1 Janitorial we don’t claim to be the fastest or the cheapest, but we do claim to be the best. And, because we offer a money back guarantee we have to get it right.”

Washington’s commitment to providing the highest quality service possible is also reflected in her hiring practices. She requires al A1 Janitorial applicants to have at least 1 year of experience in the field prior to being hired. Once they become employees, janitors are taught the company’s successful system of cleaning and are expected to follow it to the letter.

In an effort to broaden her company’s market, Washington recently purchased Carpet Sharks Carpet Cleaning. With this acquisition, Washington said that she hopes to create additional value for her current clients and to make A1 Janitorial Service available to more people.

“With our carpet cleaning business, we will continue to support clients with the same outstanding service they have come to expect from us but the volume of people we will be able to help is going to increase dramatically,” she said.  “The carpet and tile cleaning aspect of A1 Janitorial Service is going to be like Saks 5th Avenue going mobile.”

Washington said that she is proud of the opportunities that A1 Janitorial provides for its employees as well as those whom she mentors as potential janitorial business owners.

“I want to share what I have learned with other people,” she said. “The three main philosophies that I apply in life as well as business are to have fun, learn and grow and to be of service.”

For more information about A1 Janitorial, call (702) 658-1900 or visit

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