Health Documentary Film Review: A Doctor of Chiropractic’s Viewpoint of Movie “Spirit of the Marathon”

Spirit-of-the-MarathonBy Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC

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Watch the 2008 full length documentary “Spirit of the Marathon” to witness the physical and mental preparation required to run a marathon. Numerous runners are featured, each with a different reason for running the Chicago marathon.

One of the featured runners wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon. An African runner who finished in second place in a prior year returns in an attempt to win. A third running is running to raise money for charity.

Whatever their reason for running, all the runners participate to challenge themselves mentally and physically. The training is intense as the runners prepare themselves to triumph over the marathon’s distance. One runner describes the marathon as “Every man’s Everest.” The runner’s describe a self-fulfillment about conquering what first appears to be an insurmountable task.

The Chicago Marathon is known as a “Flat and Fast” race. The course winds through the large city of Chicago displaying the various neighborhoods.

The movie describes the origin of the marathon race and the participation of woman in marathons in great detail. These two educational stories add to the enjoyment of this documentary.

I highly recommend “Spirit of the Marathon.” It is entertaining, educational and most of all inspiriting.

Two great quotes from “Spirit of the Marathon”

“When you cross that finish line, no matter how slow, no matter how fast, it will change your life forever.”

“The moments that challenge us the most, define us.”


Dr_Donald_A_Ozello_thumb_medium150_Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC

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Before pursuing his career in Chiropractic, Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Bremerton, SSN 698.

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