To Boldly Go Where No DNA Has Gone Before

sael away logoWhat is only ten feet above ground and already traveling upward at a speed of two miles per second as it accelerates to more than seven miles per second on its way into deep space?  Not many things can do that – but it could be your own DNA.

On August 8, 2013, Las Vegas was the location in which an innovative service was introduced that could change the way we currently think about the future of mankind.  A new company, “SAEL” (Space Ark Enterprise, LLC), revealed the secrets behind their new technology at the  Star Trek Convention.  Why, you ask?

“SAEL” is on a mission to send any interested persons’ DNA into deep space, where the essential code of your singular human life will orbit through the solar system like a new planet.  SAEL’s goal is perpetual preservation of your uniqueness by using high-tech encapsulation, the preserving cold of space, and a revolutionary manner of space launch.

The secrets behind their new technology, including pending patents on techniques to keep the DNA preserved during the accelerations of launch and the blazing heat created as the DNA capsule blasts through the atmosphere on its flight away from the planet, was presented and disclosed at the Star Trek Convention.  The purpose behind this service is for the possibility of future science reconstruction of the human being.  Yes, you read that correctly.

The technology eliminates the gimbals (mechanical pointing system) by using the Earth’s rotation to point a 500 foot deep cannon, which serves as the first stage of a launch. It also eliminates the need for vernier steering rockets by igniting the first stage while still in the atmosphere.   The final stage takes advantage of hypervelocity so that alignment fins still work.  All of these factors eliminate 75% of what the weight would be otherwise.

According to SAEL, arrangements have been made with Panama for installation of the cannons.

DNA encapsulation can be for an individual or in groups (friends, families and such), including your family pet!  Every day, the SAEL-away website will show calculations of where you are in space, even while you are still on earth.  A solar-driven beacon has been designed to allow homing on the DNA capsule for millennia.  So, you can wake up, have your cup of coffee and then check on the celestial surroundings of your DNA – how about that for the start of your day?

If you think that DNA correction is making important medical headway today, imagine what will be possible with your DNA many years from now.  The Earth may be facing various threats that could destroy the current you and your lineage.  But a special biological packaging and the protective environment of space awaits to preserve your unique DNA.   Imagine the potential…..

Dr. Peter D. Poulsen, has many patents and inventions, as well as leadership in an array of advanced scientific investigations which have given him the knowledge and entrepreneurial skills that he expects will lead to a first launch of DNA into deep space within the next 18 months.

The SAEL-Away adventure and the possibilities that it suggests are described in the new novella, Journal 7, now available at

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