Egypt – Turn Off The Money

Map of Egypt courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Map of Egypt courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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By Glenn Mollette

The United States and our President must come together today and stop all money flowing from our hard earned tax dollars to Egypt. Yes, I am talking about your money and your children’s money and your grandparent’s hard earned tax dollars flowing into Egypt at the rate of 1.5 billion dollars each year. Since 1948, we have given over 71 billion dollars to Egypt.  That is more money than we have given to any nation, except Israel.

Where does this money go? Approximately 1.2 billion goes to support an Egyptian military while the rest goes to sanitation and other humanitarian efforts.

In the United States we have been cutting back on our own military budget.  Our government talks of cutting military medical benefits and military retirement benefits while many homeless veterans are sleeping in the streets of America. As our soldiers are expected to defend us in other countries they are doing it with aging weapons and aging supplies all because of a tightening military budget.

More and more excuses are being found to downsize our soldiers from the military because of a tightening military budget.

Our President wants our military to be lean. Does this mean lean so that we can send billions to Egypt? “Lean”.. so that we can send more billions to Iraq, Afghanistan and other nations that hate us? Why should we continue to reward a nation for fighting and being totally dysfunctional? If we had money to hand out then it should be as a reward for bringing about peace and helping other nations to be at peace.

At the forefront of this problem is our empty national checking account. We do not have the money to throw out to other nations so they will try to love us and be good girls and boys. They hate us all the more. In the meantime our interstates are falling apart, our bridges are crumbling, our national parks are showing neglect, American people are hungry, jobless, homeless and our border security in the south continues to be weak. Thousands of our own military service people cannot afford to fly home to visit family. They cannot afford to buy cars and have to make do with small uniform allowances each year. Average America stands in line to fill out job applications at Walmart and McDonalds in hopes of landing an $8 an hour job to work 30 hours a week.

We shovel our hard earned taxpayer dollars overseas to Egypt while they kill hundreds, burn down Christian churches and shake their fists at America.

Saudi Arabia is threatening to send whatever funding we stop sending to Egypt.

Good. They can even double it if they want. If we stop buying oil from Saudi Arabia today it will not be soon enough.

Attention Congress! Please turn off the money to Egypt.

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