The Easy Chef: Fantasy Draft Nacho Platter Recipe

The Easy Chef: Fantasy Draft Nacho Platter



  • 2 pounds chop meat
  • 1 large can refried beans
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 large jug salsa
  • 1 large bag Tostitos (Hint of lime)
  • 1 large onion (chopped)
  • 1 can black olives (sliced)
  • 6-8 sweet cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  • ¼ cup jalapenos
  • 3 stalks green onion (chopped)
  • Jar of Queso Sauce or Cheese whiz
  • Sour cream


  • Fry chop meat in a pan, drain.
  • Fry refried beans in pan, add one cup salsa, stir until heated.
  • On a large platter build a layer of Tostitos chips.
  • Evenly spread out chop meat over chips.
  • Sprinkle cheddar cheese and raw chopped onion over meat.
  • Pour bean mixture on top of chop meat.
  • Pour Queso around edge of bean mixture.
  • Pour salsa around inner ring of Queso sauce.
  • Sprinkle olives and jalapenos around platter.
  • Put cherry tomatoes around platter in circular pattern.
  • Top with sour cream.
  • Sprinkle chopped green onion on top.

petePeter Artale

Peter Artale, a family man living in Maryland, has been cooking since he was 13 years old. He has also been the primary cook in his household for the entirety of his married life. For 21 years, when he wasn’t cooking a delicious meal for his family, he was serving our country in the Air Force.

His experience in the military provided him with a rich travel life. He’s taken up residences as distant as Germany as well as various states in the continental United States. This cultured lifestyle and lengthy experience has made him renowned within his circle of family and friends for his delectable cooking. Only recently, with the help of his wife, Crystal, has he decided to document his talents.

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