Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet Celebrates First Birthday

Press.The iconic Caesar Augustus statue wearing chef's hat, apron and spoonEmployees, guests and the iconic Caesar Augustus statue all take part in the occasion

Photos courtesy of Caesars Palace

The $17 million Bacchanal Buffet celebrated its first birthday on Sept. 10 with a birthday party at the restaurant and the entire resort joined in the festivities.

From Bacchanal’s employees and guests to the iconic Caesars Augustus statue, everyone was celebrating one extraordinary year of achievement for Bacchanal since its opening. Bacchanal received considerable accolades and awards in its first year including being named Stone Cold Stunner by Eater Las Vegas, Surprise of the Year by Desert Companion, Best Desserts by Vegas Seven and Number One Buffet in Las Vegas by USA Today, Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Weekly.

Guests at Bacchanal Buffet enjoying birthday cupcakeBacchanal’s birthday was honored all-day long and guests joined in the occasion by enjoying a special birthday cupcake to take home. Employees and guests took photos throughout the restaurant and in front of the 10-layer 5’ x 5’ x 5’ birthday cake adorned with 150 pounds of fondant. Many wore celebratory Roman laurel wreaths that were distributed, symbolizing Bacchanal’s commitment to never “rest on its laurels.” At the entrance to Caesars Palace, visitors and pedestrians passing by enjoyed a view of the statue of Caesar Augustus adorned with a chef’s hat, “happy birthday Bacchanal” apron and chef’s spoon.

Adding to the happenings at the resort, Bacchanal released a video on its special day of an original epic dance number created by Emmy-nominated Travis Wall of “So you think you can dance” that was performed inside the restaurant. The video, which has been published on, Las Vegas Sun and Eater National has received 120,052 views on YouTube, has been tweeted by Chef Gordon Ramsay, Travis Wall and SYTYCD dancers Jaimie Goodwin and Channing Cooke.


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