Whole Food Nutrition

By Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC

Las Vegas Informer

Eat whole food nutrition for optimum health. Utilize whole food nutritional strategies to help prevent and combat disease.

This article is not about the grocery store named Whole Foods Market. It is about the health benefits of consuming unprocessed, non-genetically modified whole foods.

Whole foods provide nutrients as nature intended. Whole foods contain macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and phytonutrients in their natural quantities and balances. Humans have consumed these quantities and balances for generations. The human body has utilized and adapted to the synergistic natural balance of whole foods.

Knowledge of nutritional science is continually expanding. Consuming whole foods provides a wide spectrum of known and yet undiscovered health-promoting nutrients.

The benefits and functions of the macro-nutrients fat, protein and carbohydrates are well-known. Micro-nutrients including vitamins and minerals are well researched but additional information is continually discovered. New information on the actions and functions of phytonutrients, also known as phytochemicals, is being discovered constantly.

Supplements derived from whole food possess the identical positive qualities as the whole food. Whole food supplements are food products which contain nutrients in their natural balance and provide an array of known and yet to be discovered healthy nutrients. Whole food supplements do not contain laboratory synthesized chemicals. They do not possess unnaturally high amounts of one or two micro-nutrients while ignoring others.

Developing nutritional strategies rich in whole food is imperative to achieving and maintaining optimum health, fitness and functionality. Intelligent whole food supplementation strategies enhance whole food dietary strategies. They provide a boost and fill in gaps of lesser consumed health promoting nutrients.

Combine whole food nutrition strategies and whole food supplementation to increase your health and the health of your family. Whole food nutrition decreases inflammation and fights disease by limiting the intake of unnatural chemical additives. Whole food nutrition deliveries nutrients in their natural balance. Choose whole food nutrition and supplementation to achieve a greater level of health.

Dr_Donald_A_Ozello_thumb_medium150_Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is the owner and treating doctor at Championship Chiropractic. 6445 S. Tenaya Way, Suite #120, Las Vegas, NV 89113.  His web address iswww.ChampionshipChiropractic.com. He can be contacted at (702) 286-9040 and DrO@ChampionshipChiropractic.com.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello’s mission is to educate and inspire others to live healthier, fitter, more functional lives.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC proudly handles Standard Process Supplements and Foot Levelers Orthotics.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC writes a weekly health, fitness and nutrition column for the Las Vegas Informer. His is published in OnFitness MagazineLiveStrong.ComSpineUniverse.com andEHow.com . He has educational health, fitness and nutritional videos on Informer TV and Livestrong.com.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is an award-winning public speaker. He has spoken to numerous groups on the importance of health, fitness, exercise, ergonomics, nutrition and injury prevention.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is a fitness enthusiast. Functional kettlebell training, running and bike riding are his favorite types of exercise.

Before pursuing his career in Chiropractic, Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Bremerton, SSN 698.

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