Dr. Thomas Alfreda Named Team Physician for Las Vegas Wranglers

Dr. Thomas Alfreda

Dr. Thomas Alfreda

Alfreda leads medical team to ensure safety and health of bruising, young athletes

LAS VEGAS, NV – Dr. Thomas Alfreda, partner in one of the city’s most respected medical practices —Internal Medicine Specialists—has just been appointed primary care team physician to the Las Vegas Wranglers Hockey team.

As the team’s internist, Dr. Alfreda will coordinate all medical treatment for the athletes and work cooperatively with the orthopedic team physicians in order to mitigate or treat conditions brought about by professional ice hockey.

“My first goal is to keep these talented guys healthy and on the ice,” says Dr. Alfreda. “Hockey is a very physically grueling sport and can also be brutal given the fights that break out. These guys might have youth on their side, but they’re not invincible so it’s my job to make sure they stay in excellent physical and emotional health. Of course, we’re [the medical team] there to take care of them when they get injured, too!”

Ice hockey is well-known for its physical rigors and frequent fighting. It is not uncommon for these athletes to lose teeth or suffer broken bones and concussions. Fortunately, the Las Vegas Wranglers Hockey Team employs a comprehensive team to ensure the best environment, equipment, training and care for its players, many of whom come from or go onto very lucrative NHL hockey careers.

Dr. Alfreda was recruited by the team for his personable style and medical expertise. When not seeing patients at his thriving practice, Dr. Alfreda also serves as the Medical Director for Nathan Adelson Hospice, and trains nursing and medical students as part of his Associate Professorship for Touro University School of Medicine. An avid sports enthusiast, the devoted father of an adolescent daughter is often found rinkside with her at Wrangler games.

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