Hot Costumes for 2013

Man of Steel CostumeBy Joe Buda

Las Vegas Informer

Superheroes make hot Halloween costumes for 2013, according to Carrie Sheerin, Vice President of Halloween Mart.

Sheerin is well-versed in costumes.  Her family’s store, Halloween Mart, has been operating for nearly two decades and offers year-round service to Las Vegas.

Superhero costumes have been the biggest costumes for the last five or six years, according to Sheerin.

One of the reasons is the way the superhero costumes are constantly changing.

“They’re (superhero costumes) constantly morphing the different costumes into ladies’ versions and men’s versions,” Sheerin explained.

Something new for this year is the superhero t-shirt and cape combination.

This has been popular “for the guys who don’t want to do a whole costume or the whole jumpsuit.”

“The superhero t-shirts have been really flying off the shelves,” Sheerin added.

Anatomy CostumeAlso popular are the skin suits.  Sheerin attributes this to the updated stylings.

“They are morphing those (skin suits) into different stylings,” Sheerin stated. “They have superhero skin suits, which are the full body face covered skin suit.”

Also popular in skin suits is X-Ray guy and “a guy whose skin is peeled off so you see his muscles and tendons.”

Two other costume types deserve mention due to their popularity among children.

Monster High costumes are popular with the kids.  And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is making resurgence.

For more information, visit Halloween Mart’s website at

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