Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club; Not Your Grandfather’s Country Club photo gallery

Written By Jake Conlee

Photos courtesy of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club

This is Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, surreptitiously placed on the western flank of our towering and majestic Spring Mountains, just outside of Pahrump, Nev. Even if you were to drive past (which you very well may have,) you probably weren’t sure what you just looked at. From the entry facing Blue Diamond NV-160, the only indication are the various racing banners, timing towers, and expanse of garages. It is very similar to seeing a mirage; you aren’t sure if you saw, what you think you saw. But if it was what you thought, then it was pretty cool. Once through the entry gates, you are in the middle of the action at The Spring Mountain Motor Resort.  This is a very serene setting, offering every amenity that you could possibly imagine, with back drop of awe inspiring nature, converging with motorsport right before your eyes.

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