Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club; Not Your Grandfather’s Country Club

SM_IMG_1887-Edit (800x527)Written By Jake Conlee

Photos courtesy of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club

A Country Club, by definition, is a private social and athletic club, usually on the outskirts of urban areas; typically containing a golf course and various athletic activities. By nature and association, a Country Club is placed in a serene setting, and tend to be rather dull; not typically something to get your blood pumping. If you have read my article about SEMA 2013, then you know that I came across one such Country Club; which shatters all the preconceived notions about any existing facilities that fall into this category.

This is Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, surreptitiously placed on the western flank of our towering and majestic Spring Mountains, just outside of Pahrump, Nev. Even if you were to drive past (which you very well may have,) you probably weren’t sure what you just looked at. From the entry facing Blue Diamond NV-160, the only indication are the various racing banners, timing towers, and expanse of garages. It is very similar to seeing a mirage; you aren’t sure if you saw, what you think you saw. But if it was what you thought, then it was pretty cool. Once through the entry gates, you are in the middle of the action at The Spring Mountain Motor Resort.  This is a very serene setting, offering every amenity that you could possibly imagine, with back drop of awe inspiring nature, converging with motorsport right before your eyes.

Once you enter the expanse of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, there are many options to quench your thirst for viewing and participating in all things road racing. Whether you are a hardcore racing enthusiast with many hours of track experience, if you are a novice, looking to sharpen your skills, or a generous gift giver to that special “Gearhead” in your life, SMMR offers all levels of involvement. Club Spring Mountain offers a true Country Club Experience, whereas at a normal Country Club, you bring a set of golf clubs or a racquet; at SMMR, you bring your race car (or very fast street car). The Ron Fellows Performance Driving School is not a mere ride and drive experience; it is an all encompassing, proactive and immersive approach to performance driving. If you are a beginner to driving, or an experienced “shoe,” Ron Fellows Performance Driving School puts you in the classroom and behind the wheel of a fleet of brand new Chevrolet Corvettes and Cadillac CTS-Vs. Not only will this driving course sharpen and hone your skills on the track, but the comprehensive instruction that you receive from experienced racing drivers, can also be used in real-world driving instances. (While speaking to a pair of the instructors, we found out that some of the NHP Officers receive driving training at the track, with the very same instructors.)

The facilities are nothing short of spectacular, as well. Even the fit and finish in some of the “outbuildings” and multi-use buildings is just incredible; once you enter the slate sided building, you are stepping on massive travertine tile, complete with ornate mosaics, you’re sitting in massive leather riveted chairs, and signing in on the granite slab countertops. This is a brief glimpse into the attention to detail that you can find in every single direction; remember, this is just a multi-use building, acting as a garage for the Ron Fellows driving school, and briefing areas for drivers. And on this particular gloomy day, the lunchroom for all of the weekend participants.

20131122_152020The Clubhouse itself far beyond exceeded my expectations in regards to luxury and comfort. Once inside the massive doors, you are welcomed into a rustic hunting lodge, complete with huge dining room, with heavy dining tables and large, high back chairs. Above your head, huge chandeliers hang from the beam ceilings and large HDTVs keep you up to date on track activities, the day’s news, and a presentation of developments happening at SMMR. A commercial grade kitchen, operated by a professional executive chef and staff, and a fully stocked bar, make the clubhouse a perfect place to unwind, after a hard day on the track. Also found in the Clubhouse, are a pair of beautiful, state of the art locker rooms, leading you out to the sparkling swimming pool, Jacuzzi for up to 15 and beautiful weight room and gym. Just outside the Clubhouse, you will find outdoor living areas, a complete outdoor kitchen and grill area with fire pit, putting green and lounge seating. On top of the Clubhouse, there is a 3 story observation deck, with great sightlines of the track and surrounding areas. An executive meeting room with conference table and office, retail area, reception space all complete the gorgeous Clubhouse at SMMR.

Also found throughout the complex, is a 40 foot tall observation deck and timing tower, with a birds eye vantage of all areas of the track and facilities. A rock climbing wall and immaculate indoor gun range can be found at the base of the tower. There is also a professional indoor Racquetball Court, and outdoor  Basketball Court for those athletic types that like to wind down from a hard day of racing by physical activity.

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For those participating in motorsport activities at the track, there are also 42 brand new and beautifully appointed Condominiums available for nightly, weekly, or extended use. With accommodation in Las Vegas and Pahrump, sometimes, it is good to have an on site option; as auto racing on this track may take it’s toll on you, and it is great to go straight from the track, into your own furnished condo. If the description of what I have laid out thus far has been any indication of what to expect in these condos, the luxury and sumptuousness continues within the walls of these loft-style condos. With three options ranging from 300 sq ft to 800 sq ft, each of them featuring the best in appliances and furnishings, garages for your race car, and balconies, overlooking the expanse of SMMR. These Condos are exclusively for Club Spring Mountain Members, Ron Fellows Performance Driving Students and Guests of Spring Mountain Motor Resort.

Launching next year, The Residences at SMMR will open, offering Luxurious and Modern Residences, actual houses, for you and your family to have, while keeping your most prized possession, at the track. Offering in three different models and many configurations, it is a perfect solution for those well heeled enthusiasts, looking for a vacation home, right at the edge of Spring Mountain Motor Resort. If the condos sound pretty fantastic, these Residences are definitely cream of the crop, with large garages, modern and open living areas, and even options for a casita, for those coming to SMMR with their guests.

Club Spring Mountain is the private motorsports aspect of Spring Mountain Motor Ranch and offers spectacular settings and amenities for the motorsport enthusiast that knows exactly what they want: an uninterrupted use of a challenging racing track. Why is this necessary? Because, let me tell you, as a long time automotive enthusiast; the most frustrating issue is finding the time to get out to the track. We are fortunate, in knowing that SMMR is only 55 miles from the hustle and bustle of The Strip. Typically, a track day involves loading up the race car on a trailer, making sure the support vehicles are stocked and safe, and then the journey across the desert and hundreds of miles, finally getting to your destination, only to unload, and get ready for the day or weekend. When you are a member of Club Spring Mountain, you take a short and very scenic drive, out to SMMR, and then begin your day: going to your private garage, complete with all of the things that you didn’t need to load and prepare for your race weekend. Another frustration with using other tracks, are the sporadic number of track use days that are open to John & Jane Q Public. At SMMR and for Club Spring Mountain, there are over 300 days of track use, allowing you freedom to live your life, and not be tied down by the constraints of specific dates on the calendar.

RadicalsracingbyCondosatSpringMountainMotorResortandCountryClub10-20-2013 (800x533)The track itself; is the longest road racing circuit in all of North America. With the addition of the 3rd sector in the recent months, it can be configured in a way that the track is a 7 mile monster. Twists, turns, off camber turns and elevation changes make this an extremely high speed and challenging circuit. I have been to many tracks throughout the United States, and SMMR truly offers an actual racing experience that you can’t find anywhere else in North America.

This is a mere glimpse into what happens at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club. I have been graciously welcomed by the PR staff, and they really rolled out the red carpet for me. In the short time that I had at Spring Mountain Motor Resort, they afforded me a lifelong memory, that I will take away with a perpetual smile.  I have a few more articles in store for you; as to better acclimate to all of what they have to offer at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club. There are so many aspects to this wonderful, amazing, spectacular place. I look forward to introducing you to The Radicals, Ron Fellows Performance Driving School and some hardcore track action in future features. Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club: It is not just a Race Track, it is not just a Country Club, it is not just a Performance Driving School, it is a one of a kind, exceptional representation of a true-to-life Field of Dreams. They built it, and now they are coming.


Jake ConleeJake Conlee is a California native that has been blessed with the gift of restlessness. With an undying fervor and passion for what he does not yet know, life is a constant adventure. Truly fearless in implementation of wandering down less trafficked roads, this has led to many ordinary days turning into a treasure hunt. Emblazoned on his arm, the self photographed sign of this incredible City of Sin. He loves this city so much, a mural of Las Vegas is currently under development on his arms. If you need to know about anything in Las Vegas, if he doesn’t know the answer, he will find out for you. He loves Las Vegas, the good, the bad, but mostly the nostalgic. He’s also a sucker for a good hunk of meat. He is, most of all, a father of two girls, 12-year-old “Vern” and 2-year-old “Chuck”


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  1. A world class motorsport facility! John, Brad and the rest of the Spring Mountain staff have turned what used to be a track with a couple port-o-potties (I used to hot lap many years ago) into a multi-activity topnotch motorsport resort which scratches ever itch!

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