BEING VEGAN – The Winds of Change Are Beginning to Blow

Paul Graham NewBy Paul Graham

Las Vegas Informer

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

We hear the news almost every day.  Well-known people with a high public profile like Al Gore becoming vegan for one reason or another.  Vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants exploding upon the food scene.  New food , fashion and lifestyle products coming to consumers and being met with a strong and growing interest. We hear reports of changes in policies towards gestation crates from large companies that are feeling the backlash from consumers and activist groups. Countries like Germany and Israel experiencing exponential growth rate amongst vegans.  Two major reports now indicate that almost 15% of the worlds population is now vegetarian or vegan with many thousands new that are crossing over every day.  It is has been shown that even a number as low as 20% of a population that is committed and vocal about any one thing can have a tremendous impact upon any society.  We are nearing that threshold.

We are now seeing what informed, committed people can do.  It has been very evident with the response to people to the movie “Blackfish” and the corporation of SeaWorld.  People have had the veil lifted somewhat to the horrific life of marine mammals in these sea parks and have begun to respond by not going to these places and it is showing in a steady loss of revenue for SeaWorld.  The CEO of SeaWorld sold off a large part of his personal stock in the company.  People from students, to families, to seniors, to celebrities have spoken out against SeaWorld and other attractions like them and the tremors are being felt all over.  The music group Barenaked Ladies recently cancelled a concert performance at SeaWorld after seeing the movie.  It was just reported a few days ago that Willie Nelson was also released of his concert obligations at SeaWorld after seeing the movie and not being able in good conscience to associate himself with them.  All of these actions combined are making a big difference and we will continue to work on this until we see these marine animals freed.  This will have a rippling impact upon other entities that keep any kind of animals in captivity for profit.

Think of how many revolutions have begun around a table with people discussing an idea that led to others joining in and a movement is born.  It is no different today.  We begin our activism around a table as well by what we choose to consume.  When we do not choose to purchase or partake of animal products we are sending a powerful message to the corporations that profit from exploiting them.  Meat and dairy consumption is steadily going down and it is having an impact.  We can continue to engage in various forms of social media to educate, encourage and connect with others.  It can also be a great weapon to bring about change and is already a platform that is bringing people together and helping to build community.  When we have solidarity, we have strength.  We can become involved in signing petitions and letter writing to companies and legislators about animal, health and environmental issues.  We can become involved locally in literature distribution and actual protests.  We can support with our resources so many of the the wonderful groups that are making such a difference for animals, people and the planet.  There are so many organizations and activists groups like Mercy for Animals, PETA, Sea Shepherd, Compassion Over Killing, Farm Sanctuary, etc. that are so worthy of our time and support.  Even if we can’t for one reason or another get involved personally in some of these causes, we can support others that are doing it.

I believe animal rights is one of the great social justice issues of our time.  We will not have peace with man until we have peace with the animal kingdom and stop the enslavement, exploitation and killing of these sentient beings.  We can in this generation do what no generation has done before it, and that is to free the animals and build a new paradigm that is built on justice for all, love and compassion.  We not only need to do it, we have to do it…for the sake of the animals, for the sake of our humanity, for the sake of the planet.  Every one of can and should make a difference.  We have great power on our own to affect change, but even more so and we bind our hearts and energies together for a common cause and purpose.  As this movement continues to grow, there will be those that will go on the defensive with great vehemence.  That is to be expected, and when you encounter, know that the movement is pressing forward and continue on with great determination and love.  We have the opportunity to make history and save this world from the great peril that it is in.  There are huge stakes at play here.

Let’s stop the negativity and the verbal and written cannibalization of others in the movement.  Let’s live in love and let us play to win for the sake of the animals and the planet.  It really isn’t about us, nor should it be.

Change my friends…is blowing in the wind.

Paul Graham

Paul Graham was born and raised in Northern California and has lived in Las Vegas since 2004.  He is a top wedding officiate, a green Realtor and writer.  He has a daily vegan food blog which is 365 days and 365 vegan meals in Las Vegas.  He can also be reached at or

Paul’s e-book, “Eating Vegan in Vegas:  If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen Anywhere” is now available at

9 Responses to BEING VEGAN – The Winds of Change Are Beginning to Blow

  1. David Wishengrad

    Gore didn’t become vegan. That’s an outright lie. A lie of inequality. Today you attempted to place your own self above the very Truth itself. More life will be lost and the conditions of unsustainabilty, nicely put, global chaos forcing something to give way, frankly put, are stronger. You empower the enemy with your cause because the root of your cause is not Truth. The only value of a cause is the Truth of that cause because it’s the Truth that encourages, enriches, and protects that which is factually most important to all life: life.

    Yet, you have been reminded of not just the Truth, but the Most Important Truth in Life, and instead chose to ignore the Truth and attempted to publicly place yourself above the Truth while using a Truthful cause to justify it.

    I suggest you take some time before writing again.

    PETA would be doing porn if I didn’t call out Ingrid with, ‘we can talk about porn being acceptable right after you, your adult children, your staff, and all of their adult children, doing porn.

    We cannot respect another by helping them to disrespect their own self. I don’t give a damn if they speak up for animals if in the end they are using the cause to further a different and more subversive harm. They also censor Truthful content. That’s not anything to support and they don’t deserve any respect for their organization. Sure, each person within it is most important, per the Truth, but that doesn’t mean the organization gets a free pass to disrespect and dishonor others.

    Try walking into a few hundred mcdonalds and asking for a vegetarian meal in the name of Christ. This vegan stuff catches on because of the Truth and the hard work, quite literally blood, sweat, tears, and lives given to get it out.

    I think it’s great that more people are making vegan choices. It won’t make a bit of difference if the Truth is tossed aside like you did today. This evil won’t be over until each person has chosen the Truth as their Master, on our knees. Nothing less is going to save Life. If you really care as much as you say in your articles then you best listen to the voice of experience and reason when the only thing that voice speaks to you is 100% Truthful.

    The wind of change is going to blow shopping malls into dust if the Truth itself is ignored. There is no middle ground. Experience does count. The type and the length. In this area, the absolute Authority is given as The Most Important Truth in Life. This Truth does not accept calling people vegans and promoting inequality.

  2. Hi Paul. Loved your piece and was very inspired by it. I shared it on my blog here ( and going forward will share your blog posts on my Facebook page devoted to the whole-food plant-based lifestyle. Thank you.

  3. Great article! I too see that change is starting to happen. It is hard sometimes, yet rewarding to be a pioneer. As far as I know, Al Gore is vegan now; not sure what “Truth” the person above is talking about?…sounds like a little too much petulance and navel-gazing, not enough actual doing. Very easy to drone on, not so easy to be the change you’d like to see in the world…

  4. David Wishengrad

    @steph and paul,
    The commonsense behind everything Paul is express is Specifically: Life is Most Important in Life. That Truth is The Most Important Truth in Life.

    So, I suggest you figure it out, That is the actual foundation for veganism. By calling people vegans we lie. We are equal. People are not their action. John did a bad thing. He is not a bad boy. We are not doctors. We practice medicine.

    I’ve been at this for a very long time. I suggest you check your ego if you really care as my h as you say you do here. We can’t dismiss The Most Important Truth in Life and speak Truthfully at the same time. This, oh snap, basic commonsense experience of reality of Life being Most Important in Life is not only the same for everyone, but is also Most Important!!!

    This Truth says we are Life, Most Important, and equal.

    Why would you want to lie and call you or another something less than Most Important?

    You want people to understand correctly the real difference they can make or not?

    Who do you people think you are to dismiss the Trurh itself and attempt to diminish the very foundation of choosing veganism: Truth?

    Do you really think anyone you convince to make vegan choises is going to make good choices all around and continue to make good choices in the future if you present to them that only what you say matters and that Truth isn’t real or not most important?

    The Most Important Truth in Life is why Gore made the choice. He saw a group of people with PhDs speechless or left to babble complete non-sense in discussion with me. So, steph, how many nobel winning people have you shared the Truth with and have made the step? I’m doing what I can, the most possible, and have better success than anyone on earth with discussions with people about the Truth that they then choose after, of their own free will, to make better choises. More than anyone else alive… with the Truth and respect. Understand who you speak so badly of.

  5. Some very special thoughts to live by, and share with others. Thank you,

    “Harboring the idea of owning another living being is in itself an act of violence, and our outer violence toward nonhuman animals, which is so devastating to us all, springs from this idea. The vegan ideal of compassion for all life has as its core this same idea: that we are never owners of others. We can be their guardians, companions, friends, protectors, admirers, and appreciators, and this blesses us far more than we might think. The move from “owner” to “guardian” frees both the “owners” and the “owned,” and establishes the foundation for peace, freedom, and justice. We are all harmed by the culturally mandated ownership mentality that reduces beings to mere commodities, whether for food, clothing, entertainment, or the myriad of other uses. It is long past time for us to awaken from the cultural trance of owning our fellow beings, and instead see ourselves as their guardians. This is the very essence of compassion, sanity, and healthy relationships with nonhuman animals and with each other. I am grateful for and support IDA’s Guardian Campaign as an essential step in our individual and collective evolution to a brighter tomorrow for our children, and for the children of all our fellow beings.” Dr. Will Tuttle, author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, The World Peace Diet, and recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award.

  6. “Any great change must expect opposition because it shakes the very foundation of privilege.” ~ Lucretia Coffin Mott, 1793-1880, minister, women’s rights leader, abolitionist, peace activist, humanitarian ~

  7. I truly enjoyed your blog. It was uplifting and encouraging.

  8. “Two major reports now indicate that almost 15% of the worlds population is now vegetarian or vegan with many thousands new that are crossing over every day.”

    Very hopeful. Please point to these two reports so others can cite them.


  9. dc,
    Nice video.

    Joanne Bouchard,
    Yes, Paul writes very well. He has a very nice gift. I do enjoy reading what he has to write. He has chosen to use his gift to attempt to make wide spread environmental change for the better. From my point of view he has taken on a great responsibility. I have seen many take this on over the years.

    People who attempt to make wide spread environmental change have a far greater responsibility to themselves, and others, to have their thoughts, words, and actions better rooted in Truthful reality.

    Unfortunately, because we have all been raised in a chaotic world filled with lies, many of us have never heard, or even read, the basics in human words. Some people feel very strongly that we need to get back to the basics. Yet, people in general have never heard it or read it. In feeling passionately about our cause we do something… rather than nothing… even if we really don’t know how to say the complete Way in human words.

    It’s a war of attrition against evil. I have seen many people loose everything in this world going down this road. The resistance from others, and their insistence that the position that the animals are there, and theirs, to kill for needless reasons that they dream up is used as a tool to make us feel as though our correct and wholesome perception of reality is, “incorrect”, “foolish”, “stupid”, “sissy”, “idiotic”, “pushy”, “self-righteous”, “hypocritical”, etc. It is very disruptive to the very core of our whole and reality based thoughts.

    Seriously, what else should we expect? People have been burned alive for far less all throughout history by each other. We live in a world where people kill animals for fun.

    Of course the ‘general’ public mentality is going to be very, very twisted to the point of speaking commonsense and getting resistance. The good news is we now have The Most Important Truth in Life. It’s always been there but now we can say it with words and use reason with pure logic to understand. WE can avoid every single preventable and needless harmful action if we measure all against it. Accidents happen, sure, but we don’t have to experience every mistake and learn and remember every single painful lesson.

    We have this because it was paid for. Many have done much. Veganism is living in reality. It’s not a trend. I feel like the honor and sacrifice of all life to give us what we have; a chance, is ignored when I hear words that describe this war of attrition as a magic thing that just happened upon us by chance. I also feel disrespected that others that have not personally suffered attempt to define reality as something that it is not.

    People need to understand that disrespect is presented as soon as we attempt to hold onto a lie and attempt to imply to another that their perception of reality is incorrect when it is not!!!

    Just like how it annoys me how someone with Christian beliefs attempts to tell me that it’s just great to kill the animals and that I don’t know what I am talking about, I feel the same disrespect when someone pushing animal right’s awareness tries to tell me it’s just fine to lie, so long as we care about animals.

    Both positions insult my healthy thought processes. I’ve been hearing it my whole life. I’ve seen many loose their minds over it and worse. We’ve got The Most Important Truth now. When someone can present that life is not most important in life, without using life, then and only then is anything they say not fairytale stuff. Life is Most Important in Life.

    Quite seriously, attempting to argue the point is as silly as saying we can change our own past. So, being as I can talk in complete reality stating with The Most Important Truth in Life, all must yield before this Truth. I’m Most Important and so are you, and so is Paul. That’s the Truth of the matter.

    I can’t express myself like Paul. I’ve been through different things. I keep talking though. It’s not arrogance. It’s sincere compassion. I call it charging extra so people lacking awareness don’t take my kindness for weakness. ‘Cause I will charge them more. :P

    People naturally love people and other animals. I can see and say why. When they have no logical basis for ignoring who they really are my goal is to respect their True self. My critically should be taken as a compliment. The Most Important Truth in Life set’s in like nothing else!!! Because A: It really is True. B: Because it really is Most Important. That’s the Authority and the True power where all else that disagrees fails. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, it’s innocent, it’s alive, it’s all powerful, and it’s the only Way to PEACE: Perfect Equality Among Celestial Entities.

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