The Dating Guru: 10 warning signs that you don’t take that relationship into your 2014!

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As we move into the new year of 2014, there are many things to consider: will you lose weight, cut your hair, move the couch, change jobs, start an MLM or have another baby. Hopefully you are tossing away things you don’t wear or have use for anymore. One of those things may be your current relationship status.

Here are 10 STOP signs to consider as you are in your “out with the OLD, in with the NEW” process:

  1. If they are still talking about their ex, you may consider moving on while they work that out. There is only one number one position and they may not have completely chosen you yet.
  2. Are they waiting a whole day to respond to your call or text? Unless they are working and don’t have access to their phones. this is a sign of disrespect and inconsideration. Proceed with great caution.
  3. Don’t settle for the, “I called you last week” excuse. Person to person is the best way to build a lasting relationship but talking on the phone is a close second. If you are only getting the once a week phone call, you are barely being considered.
  4.  AT LEAST know where they live! Whether they live alone or not, you should have been to their home. I don’t care if it is just to get a pair of underwear for the next day. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE!!
  5. No time to see you mean they don’t want to see you. People will make time for what they consider important… PERIOD
  6. Every time they see you they have a friend. Why are you allowing them to bring a friend? Is it a 2 for 1 deal? If not, they gotta go! They don’t want you
  7. Day dates are great for getting to know someone but if you haven’t had an evening date yet, you are just friends.
  8. Number 8 in conjunction with number 7. Home visits are nice but if you haven’t been seen outside with your partner, you are a booty call.
  9. Las Vegas work schedules can be 24/7 which means weekend dates can be difficult. However, if you are dating someone that has weekends off and they disappear during those days, they are not “busy,” they are spending time with their REAL partner.
  10. Social media is a great tool to meet new people and I adore Google Voice, Google Plus and Google Hangouts. These are  ALL  great tools used to connect with people. However, if your only way of communication with the person you are seeing is through Twitter, Google Voice Number and or Facebook inbox, they are either married, living with someone or worse, catfishing you. DUMP THEM FAST!!

I hope you have a GREAT holiday and Happy New Years. I look forward to talking with you in 2014.

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