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Today is Jan. 1, 2014 and many people are either just waking up from a long night of partying. Others are at work, attending an open house parties, spending time with loved ones or alone. Both Republican and Democratic politicians took a hit (and we won’t go into Canadian politics), our economy is still suffering and emotions are exploding about the presidency, high-profile court cases, Breaking Bad television series ending and Miley Cyrus. Still, we march on, posting goodbye to 2013 on social media and wishing for a better 2014. Some will experience a better year, others a worse year and some will remain status quo.

Having said all of that, we at the Informer Media Group is very excited about 2014. We are launching a new print publication in March 2014 (more to come), we have expanded our beats and we have an incredible person on board for our many upcoming events in Las Vegas. Tony Gaglione and Shawn Adams kicked it off in 2013 with their Live UFC Viewing party and we plan so many more events.

New Year’s Day is probably the world’s most celebrated public holiday, observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts in each time zone. In the United States, we can catch the fireworks in New Zealand. On a funny side note, this is how I knew the world wasn’t going to end in 2000 and 2001. I remember the panic in 1999 when so many people were convinced that Y2K would end the world as we know it (it didn’t). Of course, there were those who were convinced the world would end in the 21st century. I had to explain that the 21st century would begin on Jan. 1, 2001 NOT Jan. 1, 2000. I saw the fireworks from New Zealand on Dec. 31, 2000 and knew we would be okay (not that I thought otherwise).

The celebrations held world-wide on January 1 as part of New Year’s Day commonly include the following:

  • Parades
  • American football: In the United States, January 1 is the traditional date for many post-season college football bowl games, which are usually accompanied by parades and other activities to celebrate the events
  • Football: In Europe, Association Football, where a Full Fixture program is usually played throughout the Premier League and the rest of the League/Non League system in England
  • Ice hockey, most famously the Winter Classic in North America, a National Hockey League game that is played outdoors
  • Concerts
  • Entertainment, usually enjoyed from the comfort of home
  • Family time
  • Traditional meals – It is believed you should NOT eat lobster or winged poultry (such as chicken) on January 1 since this would bring bad luck. People should include greens and black-eyed peas in their Jan. 1 meal. Many people believe these two Southern classics guarantee a prosperous year. Some say the greens represent dollar bills and the peas represent coins, ensuring wealth and luck.
  • Church services
  • An annual dip in ice-cold water by hearty individuals, most famously by members of the Polar Bear Club

Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2014.

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