Hidden Las Vegas: Drive your Car on Las Vegas Motor Speedway Super Speedway SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!

Written and Photos by Jake Conlee

No, seriously, it’s this Sunday. Living in Las Vegas definitely has it’s perks; we have some of the best entertainment and activities to be found anywhere in the modern world. One of my favorite haunts is Las Vegas Motor Speedway; I’m surprised that I haven’t been charged with loitering. But I remember this time last year, hearing about an event that is so incredible, so awesome, that it is definitely a must do in Las Vegas.

Every year, around this time of year, Speedway Children’s Charities of Las Vegas hosts Laps For Charity, which gives Las Vegas residents the opportunity to drive on the same track as their favorite NASCAR drivers. If it is street legal, and you can prove you are who you say you are; Laps For Charity offers this once in a year chance. This fantastic event, coordinated with Las Vegas Motor Speedway was brought to my attention this week, and I had to jump at the chance.

“Speedway Children’s Charities is a foundation dedicated to helping children in medical, social, financial and physical need. We coordinate various events throughout the year to raise funds to distribute to worthy nonprofit organizations throughout Southern Nevada. Grants are distributed at our Tree Lighting Ceremony in December. We hope you will support Speedway Children’s Charities’ vision that every child has the same opportunity, no matter what obstacle they are facing. By working collaboratively with one another, more children in our community will benefit.”- Speedway Children’s Charities

Last year, SCC issued over $150,000 in grants to benefit various charities in Southern Nevada: Boys & Girls Clubs of Las Vegas, Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation, Down Syndrome Organization, The Shade Tree Inc., Muscular Dystrophy Association, Candlelighters for Childhood Cancer, among dozens of other very important and beneficial charities. What is a large concern with myself and many other Southern Nevada residents is that the money that we spend for charities goes to benefit areas other than the one that we live in. Not Speedway Children’s Charities; they benefit our communities directly, and focus the much needed attention for these non-profit organizations in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Today, I was offered the opportunity at a brief glimpse into the wondrous event. Having the chance to drive my car on the track was definitely one of the highlights to having moved to Las Vegas. This statement is no exaggeration; even though, we had to keep our excitement under the speed of 75mph, while being led by an LVMS Official Pace Car. I will add this addendum: They won’t really say anything if you drop back a little bit, and have to speed up to the rest of the pack (wink, wink). Last year, over 800 cars participated in this great event,¬†and helped many of these charities and the children involved. It is a great time for the family and here are the details:

  • Sunday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway- Super Speedway
  • Cars Clubs are Welcome, and have an early morning flag dropping 8 a.m., making for an excellent view of some great autos here in Las Vegas
  • Must be 18 years old and licensed¬†to drive on the track
  • Children 6 years and older permitted in the back seat
  • Vehicles must be street legal and registered proof of insurance required
  • Drivers’ Fees: $30 for three laps, $20 for three additional laps and $10 for a picture in Victory Circle.

If you are not currently doing something and would like a great time out at the Speedway with the family, while offering some much needed assistance to some great Children’s Charities; I highly suggest you mark this down on your calendar. We all hope to see you out there!



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