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My sports coaches growing up used to talk about the importance of “momentum.”  Some called it “The Big Mo.”  It took a lot of work, some good execution, and some good fortune, but once you had momentum you wanted to keep feeding it and building it and ride it for all that it was worth.  It was and is a very good thing.  Later on in life I had business coaches and mentors talk about the importance of momentum in business as well and how you wanted to work hard, work smart, and create not only a buzz…but real productive business activity.  Hopefully that activity would lead to more activity and that cycle would hopefully continue for a good long time.  When I look at what is happening right now in the Las Vegas vegan community, I can’t help but say that we have got the “Big Mo” going for us right now.

This weekend has been great evidence of it.  On Friday night, about 150 people gathered for dinner to see and support the new V Animal’s Sanctuary that opened this weekend here in Las Vegas.  Many were seeing the Sanctuary for the first time.  It was an incredible gathering of loving and compassionate people coming together for a wonderful cause that went from a dream to becoming a reality and a safe haven now for rescued animals.  This was also a Las Vegan Eatz event, where we have been seeing near capacity crowds every month coming together to celebrate compassionate eating and living.  This is something that I believe so strongly in and it has been such a joy for us to see the vegan community grow larger and stronger each and every month.  The V Animal Sanctuary had it’s Grand Opening on Saturday and it was thrilling to see people lined up to come in and see and support the work that is being done here at the Sanctuary.  Families…people young and old …flocking in.  This is not the field of dreams, but a Sanctuary of dreams, and if you build it they will come.  Well they came and they will continue to make their way here. There were also at least 30 tables representing various groups helping animals, people, and our environment here in this community.  So many great works are being done right now.

We also debuted a new vegan apparel line here in Las Vegas…Vegan Royalty…and this is a compassionate clothing company that signifies that we are indeed building a peaceable kingdom for all living creatures.  As vegans we should be working as benevolent benefactors to animals and humans alike.  A new paradigm for conscious eating and living and taking care of all living creatures as they should be. Vegans in Vegas Radio in gaining new listeners and followers with every podcast.  Health Conspiracy Radio is reaching tens of thousands of people every week.  The upcoming Vedge App has strong ties here to Las Vegas.  Vegas Veg continues to have a strong outreach to people throughout the Valley.  Healthy Vegas Vegan just published her first cookbook and is hosting a one-day conference in May.  We are seeing an explosion in the Health, Fitness, and Wellness community with a strong influence from the vegan sector.  The 3rd Annual Health, Healing and Happiness Conference in June is going to once again be a dynamic event.  The new Health and Fitness Chamber of Commerce is growing rapidly and already has a terrific vegan presence in it’s membership. There are many other new businesses and projects in the works.

I will have the pleasure of seeing the revised edition of my book, Eating Vegan in Vegas, launched this coming month in April…full of updates and almost 200 restaurants to find a cruelty-free meal here in Las Vegas.  It is also going to be available in print form besides the ebook format.  The options available at restaurants continue to grow each week.  We will seeing the Grand Re-opening of Pura Vida later this Spring with new and larger location.  There are also at least three other 100% vegan restaurants set to open sometime this year.  The vegan presence is very strong at our local Farmers Markets with Veg Out, Garden Grill, Bite Vegan Bakery, and coming this May… the new Virgin Cheese Company, featuring vegan artisan cheese creations.  They gave samples of their products at both events this weekend at the V Animal Sanctuary to absolutely rave reviews.  The compassionate and creative energy is literally exploding in this community right now and we need to continue to contribute to it and build it and ride it to do the most good and reach the most people for the common good of all living creatures.  You cannot come into this city any longer and not have your perception of it changed to a degree. You meet the vegan community here and there is something palpable going on and you want to be a part of it.  “The Big Mo” is here in Las Vegas and we need to keep it, build it, and use it to continue to change our city and the world around it.

Paul Graham

Paul Graham was born and raised in Northern California and has lived in Las Vegas since 2004.  He is a top wedding officiate, a green Realtor and writer.  He has a daily vegan food blog which is 365 days and 365 vegan meals in Las Vegas.  He can also be reached at or

Paul’s e-book, “Eating Vegan in Vegas:  If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen Anywhere” is now available at

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  1. That is awesome! It is good to see some changes that not only benefit Las Vegas residents but many animals as well. I hope they continue down this road. Good article.

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