Primus Plays Brooklyn Bowl LV for 3 Days in May

Written and pictures by Jake Conlee

I haven’t been excited about many new things in Las Vegas; I am a resident, and there aren’t many developments that are suited for us locals. I will admit that I feel slighted at times, usually the shows that we want to see are in places that are somewhat tiring to get to. When I heard that my favorite band since the mid 90’s, Primus, was coming to town on a 3 night engagement, I was intrigued. They were also to play at the new, big and beautiful Brooklyn Bowl LV. What’s more is that is Primus’ first 3 consecutive day engagement in the United States, at a single venue. They couldn’t have picked a better venue either, after witnessing the massive expanse of building, bowling alley, dining room and concert hall, Brooklyn Bowl LV is the Crown Jewel of The Linq Las Vegas.

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The band, Primus, famous for composing the intros for South Park and Robot Chicken, is a hard rock collective of three very talented and extremely twisted musicians. Primus itself is famous for the frenetic and driving bass talents of Lead Singer and Bassist, the legendary Les Claypool; the frantic and non stop riff and shredding guitar solos of Larry “Ler” LaLonde; and the booming, tribal drumming and precise cymbal work from Tim “Herb” Alexander. Their heavy mixture of metal, funk, blues, folk and polka (yes, polka) makes for an always entertaining and incredible show. Since their debut LP in 1989, “Suck On This,” which was recorded at a live show in 1988 on VHS and then converted into a recording, they have been churning out underground hits and amassing a very fervent cult following. I STILL have my “Suck on This” cassette. With famously odd hits like, “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver,” “Jerry Was A Racecar Driver,” and “Mr Krinkle, and almost 30 years of recording and touring, Primus always offers a one of a kind, musical journey, packed within a 2-3 hour show.

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Brooklyn Bowl is a very special venue in Las Vegas in the sense that it is definitely one of a kind here in Las Vegas. They are attracting massive artists for shows, Primus, Jane’s Addiction, Fishbone, Elvis Costello, Jimmy Cliff, Spoon and even local rock collective and drumming heroes, Uberschall are making a rare mid-month appearance at the Brooklyn Bowl LV for a free performance. All I can say, is Uberschall is a must see, and has played host to Tim “Herb” Alexander on occasion, playing as a guest percussionist. The Brooklyn Bowl is not to be missed, and if you are a rock fan, chances are you will make into these hallowed halls of the soon to be locally famous, Brooklyn Bowl LV.

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Back at the concert, I wasn’t finished eating by the time the show started; but not to worry for two reasons: First, the sound system was piped into every speaker in the Brooklyn Bowl LV, even making a trip to the bathroom meant you weren’t going to miss a proverbial or literal beat. Secondly, the table that I was enjoying my Bourbon Milkshake from was no more than 75 feet from the stage. I am not of the generation of dinner shows and lounge performances with dinner service, so this was definitely a first in the 20+ years that I have been going to live shows, let alone my favorite live band, Primus. As people bowled, Primus started off with the pounding and rhythmic “American Life,” then took the audience on a deranged, heavy and funky ride through the repertoire of Primus’ bag o’ tricks. I hadn’t seen Primus live for the greater part of a decade, but they haven’t missed a beat. They are musical savants, and their off-beat approach to music keeps your attention and never ceases to amaze. Their rendition of “Jilly’s On Smack,” with the double electric bass and the seldom heard “Mrs. Blaleen” were definitely standouts, among the 17 tracks they played. But I also have to mention the haunting MoronTV as the goosebump inducing track of the performance. The whole show was mind blowing and the venue did every part of Primus’ extended performance here in Las Vegas at the Brooklyn Bowl.

I caught the final show of their run here in Las Vegas, and I wanted to say what a great time I had, not only to see my favorite band from when I was a teenager, but also to finally see the Brooklyn Bowl LV that has been all abuzz since the announcement of The Linq. If you aren’t clear on exactly what to expect when going to the Brooklyn Bowl LV, you must go and see for yourself. Maybe it was the nice and sparkly new atmosphere, or the old-timey décor, or even the fact that my band was playing, but it all made for a memorable, locals-friendly experience. It’s ok to like the Strip again, just go see a show here. Brooklyn Bowl LV Primus May 3 Primus Setlist

Jake Conlee is a California native that has been blessed with the gift of restlessness. With an undying fervor and passion for what he does not yet know, life is a constant adventure. Truly fearless in implementation of wandering down less trafficked roads, this has led to many ordinary days turning into a treasure hunt. Emblazoned on his arm, the self photographed sign of this incredible City of Sin. He loves this city so much, a mural of Las Vegas is currently under development on his arms. If you need to know about anything in Las Vegas, if he doesn’t know the answer, he will find out for you. He loves Las Vegas, the good, the bad, but mostly the nostalgic. He’s also a sucker for a good hunk of meat. He is, most of all, a father of two girls, 12-year-old “Vern” and 2-year-old “Chuck”

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