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Saturday I was a guest on a new internet TV show called Connectors of Light. Their mission is basically to create connections for a better you. It is  mostly geared for the Las Vegas metaphysical community however they attract and welcome everyone who is interested in evolving and expanding their conscious.

Another show that I was a guest on was the Lillian McMorris show. This airs on Cox Cable in Las Vegas. Lillian has lived in Las Vegas all her life and has always been about community. This show is more mainstream and she has some very interesting guests.

Another show that connects and supports the local entertainment here is the Las Vegas Rocks Variety show with Tony Sacca.

The one thing that these shows have in common is the sense of creating and building community in Las Vegas. We are all connected just by living in this fascinating city. Each of us have something that contributes to the community we have here. We all have a sense of belonging in something that we are passionate about. We seek others who are like minded.

Community is about sharing, caring, belonging and knowing that we are part of a whole. It is knowing that we all have gifts and talents that may be similar to others but that we bring our own uniqueness to our gifts and talents we share. Therefore, there is no need to be jealous or competitive or to exclude others.

Back in the old days of Vegas, people who have been here long enough, can remember a true sense of community here. Everyone looked out for one another. You were considered family.

I invite you this week to reach out, to find ways to connect with the community. Offer your talents, whatever they are and find others who share the same passion. Invite them to share with others.  Get involved with a local nonprofit that helps people in your community.  Watch these shows and go to the newsstands to obtain copies of local magazines that list events, organizations and other resources about what is happening and how you can get involved. Get to know your neighbors.

In Spirit,

Mitzi Reed

Mitzi Reed is the founder of ASPIRE Conferences, llc, ™ and is dedicated to raising the awareness, promoting healthier lifestyles and to empowering people in all aspects of their personal and spiritual development. She is also the founder of SpiritDove, a ministry dedicated to being a messenger of Love, Peace, and Happiness. Mitzi’s passion and purpose is inspiring others to tap into the power and beauty of their soul. Event Coordinator/promoter. Life and Holistic Business Coach, Author and Speaker, Peace and Sacred Activist.  Mitzi is a connector, a community organizer, a visionary and passion is empowering others to live their fullest lives. She was voted by the Las Vegas Community as Best Community Resource in the Inspiration Magazine.

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