10 Games I Want to Play at E3 Gaming Expo 2014

By Sean Molloy

Like my previous article, this week is going to be dedicated to everything gaming. Going along with the theme of things to come, I’ve decided to pick 10 games that I can’t wait to get my hands on at E3 Gaming Expo, and here they are, in no numerical order

Evolve-The team that made Left 4 Dead a must own for any Xbox 360 owner is back with their newest title. In this multiplayer focused game, 4 players must fight a monster in a 3 round battle. The hook? A fifth player is controlling the beast, which grows exponentially more powerful after every round. A must see for gamers who want to have some quick thrills with a group of friends online.

Uncharted logoUncharted PS4- There is no title, there is no release date, and hell there isn’t even a title yet. Yet, I might be more excited for Uncharted that anything else at the show. The tumultuous development of the game is no secret but I have no reason to doubt what is the best developer in the industry, Naughty Dog. Every game the company releases I a bondafide masterpiece, why would I expect anything less? Also, who doesn’t want more mass murdering from our favorite nice guy Nathan Drake.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity- Assassin’s Creed IV was exactly what the franchise needed. Its fluid pirate romp around the Caribbean was a joy. So what happens when gamers return to the shores of French Revolution Paris? I for one am now back on board the Assassin’s bandwagon and can’t wait to start eagle diving off of the Notre Dame. Giving that the game is set in one of my favorite time periods in history, I’m more than ready to strap on the old hidden blades.

Batman: Arkham Knight- With Rocksteady Games back at the helm of the Batman franchise and knowing that this is the last in their Arkham trilogy, there is no doubt that the team is going to blow the doors off of this game. Even after being delayed into 2015, the anticipation for Knight is high and seeing how much ad space the game owns, it’s going to be worth the wait. Plus, we finally can drive the freaking batmobile around Gotham. Sold.

Sunset Overdrive- Even I have to admit that seeing an Insomniac game come out, as an Xbox One exclusive is strange. That doesn’t mean much anymore though as early footage of Sunset has players grinding, jumping and using the usual ridiculous arsenal of weapons to explore and do battle in Sunset City. Players fight humans who have OD’d on the city’s most famous product, Overcharge Delirium XT energy drink. This could be the game that gets me to reinvest in the Xbox, feeling the pressure.

The Order: 1886- Sony’s most anticipated first party game comes from Ready at Dawn Studios. Players are a member of a team set in Victorian England to do battle with all things that go bump in the night. With an already impressive set of visuals, a collection of badass weaponry and one of the most intriguing plots I’ve heard about in recent memory, The Order can’t come out soon enough. The developer has already shown mastery in game design having put out the two God of War titles for the PSP.

Star Wars Battlefront- Battlefront is one of those games where I can remember being lost in forever. The series’ huge scale battles were a sight to behold back in the Playstation 2 days, so what can DICE and the power of the new consoles deliver? Here’s hoping a lot. I can’t wait to hop back in to an X-Wing or a battle tank and engage their rebel scum (or Empire scum, what have you). Having a year in development should show how far along the game is and when it can be expected to hit store shelves.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U- Nintendo is going all in with Super Smash Bros. This is the game that is destined to move units of Wii U’s (if that’s possible by this point). Smash has been in development for what seems like has been forever, let’s hope all of the work has paid off. Being able to put Mario against Pikachu against Link against Samus was one of my favorite gaming memories growing up.  I really wish this game doesn’t get pushed until 2015. Falcon Punch!

The DivisionTom Clancy’s The Division: After was a stellar debut at least year’s E3, The Division is already looking strong bringing players together in a plague ravaged New York City. The game is touted as being an MMO Shooter set in the real world. It looked absolutely stunning last year so let’s hope another year in development only means good things. Due out in 2015, it has all the time it needs to reach the level of ambition it has been famous for.

Destiny- This is it Bungie, your big coming out party. Gamers have been seeing the same Old Russia demo for over a year now. I want to know how the planetary system works, how I can jump in with my future clan and start tearing up the universe. I’m already invested in the game so just show me a little something to keep my thumbs twitching for the game. Sept. 9, hurry up!

Sean can be reached via twitter @sean_p_molloy and through the comments.

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