8 Ways to Construct a Smart Green Home

by Anna Rodriguez

The dangers brought about by climate change, pollution and waste, clearly indicates a sense of urgency to have a sustainable society, economy and environment. Alex Blackburne, in a Blue And Green Tomorrow report, produced a finding that home activities make up approximately 40 percent carbon dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom alone.

As you may have noticed, though, advanced efforts made in the improvement of current home-construction methods have contributed significantly to the downgrading of unsustainable influences human beings bring to Mother Earth. Various types of customized green home design make use of construction supplies that produce little energy or do not need a lot of materials for production. These supplies produce energy efficient homes. They provide high-quality secondary energy and waste water systems to home designs of any type, making green home living possible for every household to enjoy.

Green Home 1A Heating System Underneath

Energy efficient home design underfloor heating doesn’t produce considerable amount of radiation, as compared to the traditional wall heating system. This is because these systems provide centralized heating to the entire area of your home. Underfloor heaters are usually matched with newly constructed homes, mainly because of their advanced settings and components. However, they can be creatively installed in old homes as well.

Underfloor heating systems are particularly suited to bathrooms. Bathrooms are usually the areas of homes not very susceptible to receive heat from heaters. When underfloor heaters are installed in bathrooms, the heat they produce instantly cover most of the spaces surrounding the bathrooms.

green home 4Protect Your Loft With Natural Materials

Save at least $150 annually in two to three years by insulating your loft with natural or recycled materials, instead of spending a fortune on loft insulation for your home. Instead of throwing your old curtain or carpet into the trash, insulate your loft with your second-hand home accessory.

Durable, recycled materials contribute to the production of energy efficient timeless home design you can make use of in your home for a long time.

Local Resources Produce Comparable Benefits

Get your brain working by coming up with unique and useful smart home ideas. Not a lot of people may have thought of this, but patronizing local resources for your home minimizes product and service imports, which in turn, reduces transportation pollution in the environment.

Obviously, buying local furniture for your home helps reduce the damages brought to the environment.

Decorate Your Home With Water-Based Paints

Maintain an eco-friendly smart home design while protecting your health by using water-based paints when painting your home. Oil-based paints produce chemicals which may be harmful to your environment and health. Exposure to these chemicals may cause life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer, in the long run. Water-based paints are odor free. Plus, they produce natural pigments that exhibit an aesthetically attractive look for your home.

green home 2Search For Second-Hand Furniture And Fittings

Uniquely tweak your smart home design ideas by making efforts to search for second-hand furniture and fittings from eBay and other charity shops. Save trees and other natural resources when you patronize these secondary, but useful, materials.

You may choose to systematize your green home improvement efforts by making use of second-hand furniture everywhere in your house. If you search carefully, you’ll surely be able to find appealing and attractive second-hand furniture that will suit your taste and preference.

Consult With Eco-Friendly Experts

Have a consultation with environmental experts to get tips on how to efficiently construct an eco-friendly home design. These experts may serve as third-party verification sources when providing confirmation on the conduciveness of your ideas.

If you live in an apartment, these experts may also provide tips in maintaining an environmentally friendly home building design that reduce fees involved in operating expenses and augment the money value of your home. Green friendly experts make it a goal as well, to reduce waste in landfills and preserve energy and water.

Cold Water For Laundry

To maintain a home design that’s energy efficient, instead of using the washing machine constantly, choose the option to wash your clothes in cold water.

An article in Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate specifies that the US Department of Energy reports a washing machine as using nearly 90 percent energy in heating the water when doing a laundry job.

Environmental damages are even more prominent when temperatures increase. Washing clothes using cold water contributes to a sustainable home design, by helping you conserve energy. Additionally, hand-washing clothes makes your clothes last for a long time.

Hang ‘Em On A Clothes Tree

green home 3

Tweak your garden ideas by installing a clothesline or “clothes tree” in your backyard, instead of using the dryer to dry your clean clothes. Buying an outdoor clothesline will only cost you a few dollars. An indoor drying rack enables you to keep your energy efficient home when it rains.

Don’t forget that disorganization will get you nowhere. Ideas for a green home won’t come easy without incorporating an appropriate plan accordingly.

These design ideas for a green home seem to be formidably elusive. However, along with new generation home developers, you may well prove that maintaining a high quality budget green lifestyle is definitely achievable just by combining keen intelligence with resourcefulness.

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