Being Vegan – Bullfighting Has No Place in Modern Society

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News came recently that bullfighting has been banned in Sonora, Mexico, making it the first region in Mexico to do so.  It is part of the recently passed Animal Protection Law, which actually not only bans bullfighting, but protects other domestic animals as well.  This is the first step of the Green Party in Mexico to see a bullfighting ban in all of Mexico and this is a wonderful first step.  Polls throughout the country tell us that 70% of the population in Mexico is against bullfighting and this is merely reflects the wishes of the majority of the people.  It is a movement whose time has come, for so many reasons.

Bullfighting has been around for centuries upon centuries and has achieved a romanticized place in a number of societies through the work of writers, artists, musicians. and statesmen.  There is nothing “romantic” or feel-good about bullfighting.  It is nothing short of the days of the gladiator where men fought against man or beast in the arena to the death for the “entertainment” of the cheering crowds.  That type of behavior appealed only to the lowest of human desires and was simply barbaric then as it still is today to tease, torture, and kill a living being in front of a crowd of people.  To find entertainment value in this is repugnant.  It is not uncommon for the bullfighter to be injured or even killed.  The people that witness that may feel badly about the bullfighter that goes down, but seemingly not enough to stop coming again and again. We should put an end to the blood lust.

Like in Sonora, Mexico, other prominent regions in countries like France and Spain have outlawed bullfighting.  The ban against bullfighting in Catalonia, the home of Barcelona in Spain, went into effect in 2012. The nearby Canary Islands have already banned it.  Bullfighting today only takes place in less than ten countries in the world and is officially banned in countries such as Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  It is outlawed in most regions in France.  As in Mexico, the majority of people in countries like Spain, France, and Portugal are against bullfighting and would like to see it outlawed.  It is especially distasteful in the eyes of the younger generations of people in those countries.

Supporters of bullfighting simply say it is a part of their culture.  So was slavery in many places for a very long time, until it was seen for what it was and no longer tolerated.  Supporters say that it would impact the economy in a negative way.  There are a decent number of people employed in this industry and it is profitable, but really the majority of the money ends up in the hands of a small group of people. This is just a practice that must come to an end and we need to be vocal about this as we need to be about all other areas of animal and human rights.  What we must realize is that human societies and cultures change over time.  Our knowledge of the psychological and physical welfare of all sentient beings has greatly increased over the past century. We must respond to that and support in any way the reality that bullfighting or any other form of animal cruelty has no place in modern society. This is good sign that people can and will grow consciously, evolving as human beings, and move ourselves out of the Dark Ages into a time where love and compassion reigns for all living beings.  This is one step towards that future.

Paul Graham

Paul Graham was born and raised in Northern California and has lived in Las Vegas since 2004.  He is a top wedding officiate, a green Realtor and writer.  He has a daily vegan food which is 365 days and 365 vegan meals in Las Vegas.  He can also be reached at or

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