Cesar Millan Live at The Pearl

Dog expert Cesar Millan debuted a brand new show and performed live in Las Vegas for the first time at The Pearl at Palms Casino Resort on Friday night.
The performance was filmed for a TV special to air on Nat Geo WILD in early 2015. The packed house was one of the most mixed demographic crowds The Pearl has ever seen, proving the power of Cesar and his successful television career. Fans of all ages laughed as Cesar spent the evening telling tales, highlighting dog AND HUMAN behaviors, and giving advice on how to have a happier, more successful relationship with canine companions.

From casting that took place over the past few weeks, Cesar brought several local dogs and their owners on stage to display problematic behavior and with just a little bit of time, helped the owners with tips and tools on changing behaviors. Like magic, dogs were transformed (some easier than others!) before the amazed crowd.

At one point Cesar made an entrance wearing rollerblades, being pulled along by three shelter dogs. He also announced that he was adopting one of the dogs and that he would name the dog “Vegas.”

Throughout the night, Cesar kept the audience engaged with humor, useful information, and…possibly twerking. You’ll just have to tune in to see for yourself! A run date on Nat Geo WILD will be announced at a later date.

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