MAGIC MARKET WEEK heats up summer 2014

By Vanessa McConnell

Photos by Michael Boykin Sr.

SONY DSCLas Vegas is no stranger to the world when it comes to entertainment but the fashion industry sets our city far above the rest.  Twice a year MAGIC comes to Las Vegas with the freshest, latest and newest trends and seminars from every market around the world.  MAGIC is a manufacturer, buy and distributors dream world as they showcase their brands and stock their shelves for the best wholesale rates you can imagine.  Our mission is to find the best brands and booths that stand out and present them to you.  This season outstanding brands and booth include:

Weinbrenner Shoe Company with the Shoe In to keep floors clean, this ultra-lightweight shoe that fits over almost any shoe or boot and allows you to keep your shoes on while going in or out of the house or business.

Steve Madden with the Rascal Brass Shoe that was bronzed after selling a million pairs.  Steve Madden offers an impressive line of shoes, accessories, hosiery, bedding, sunglasses, sleepwear and intimates.

Pro Ecuador Love Life collection with their amazing purse collection made out of sea bass and ALLPA straw accessories, hats and totes as well as their Cardanas shoes, Fulgore designer bags and more.

Cecico always have the most colorful and visually poetic booth at MAGIC MARKET WEEK, designed where “Unity” is “Required” since 2007, Cecico has provided retailers with the finest and more forward thinking apparel for women that is so unique it rivals the larger more established brands.

Tobogganing, a very popular winter sport in Canada, unveiled their cold weather gear derived from the toboggan which is used to carry one or more people down a hill or slope or through history used to transport native families and supplies across the snowy tundra usually pulled by sled dogs.

Sock It To Me was onsite hosting a great Sock Exchange campaign where guest had a chance to exchange their old socks for a new pair of funny, funky or cool socks.  They are all over the globe from the U.S. to the U.K. and beyond, starting out at an outdoor market and home-based business.

EGO Eyewear by Floats has always caught lots of attention with their exclusive designer fashion eyewear.  Ego Eyewear and Floats Polarized sunglasses exhibit their luxury eyewear in over 11 tradeshows around the world including the world’s largest trade fair of optical good in Milan, Italy.

Brand Q and Martello was onsite with their lines of ties, vests, belts, jackets and shoes as well as ready bulk products for buyers to purchase on-site.  Making MAGIC a retailers dream if you’re on a budget.

Live Nation Merchandise was onsite with their line of Beatles and Yellow Submarine dishware, beverageware and more as well as represent over 150 top music and concert artists worldwide.


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