Stockman’s Steakhouse Participates in Las Vegas Restaurant Week

Written and Photos by Jake Conlee

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Las Vegas loves a good steak. Part of our classic and timeless traditions in southern Nevada is that of dining, which we take great pride in. It is my job to make you aware of the good, the different and the delicious in and around Las Vegas. Every August, Las Vegas restaurants participate in Las Vegas Restaurant week, benefitting those in need in Southern Nevada:

“We are proud to report that since 2007 over 2.5 million meals have been provided for those in need through Restaurant Week. Today, Three Square feeds more than 100,000 men, women, children and seniors each month; however, the need is estimated at three times our current reach. By joining us for Las Vegas Restaurant Week, you are helping us get closer to our goal of feeding the 320,000 food insecure people in Southern Nevada. All proceeds from Restaurant Week remain local and help Three Square in its fight to end hunger in Southern Nevada.” For additional information on how Three Square is providing wholesome food to hungry people, visit –

2014-08-22 21.01.34For the first time in eight years, a restaurant in Pahrump is participating, and what a restaurant it is. Stockman’s Steakhouse in the Pahrump Nugget is that restaurant. Offering sizzling USDA Choice steaks, fresh seafood, signature sides and an expansive wine list, Stockman’s is the perfect interpretation of a classic Las Vegas steakhouse with none of the pretension. The space is intimate and inviting, and welcomes you in with the smells of broiled meats, the sounds of a live musician sitting at the piano while diners enjoy their meals.

The appetizers are generous and flavorful, with the highlight of the Shrimp Cocktail and Shrimp Scampi coming as no surprise. Large, succulent shrimp accompanied by either a fresh lemon and spicy cocktail sauce with the Shrimp Cocktail or sautéed Shrimp Scampi in a savory butter sauce is a perfect pre-dinner compliment. Lobster bisque with a creamy base, hiding massive chunks of buttery lobster has the perfect balance of creamy and freshness and was a very pleasant surprise on the menu. The famous Wedge Salad was generous, exploding with flavor.  Served on a beefsteak tomato, this wedge of iceberg lettuce covered in chopped bacon, tomatoes, bleu cheese crumbles and dressing was definitely a wedge to remember.

20140822_183652With steak, comes seafood, and this dinner was no exception. It was recommended by our incredible waiter, Dana, that we have the Alaskan King Crab Legs Oscar Style to accompany our steak selections. The crab legs are massive, meaty and fresh, and with the fresh lemon and clarified butter, they could have been a meal unto it’s own. I love the crab, and I am sure that any seafood enthusiast would love it too. But then there are the steaks. 16oz USDA Boneless Rib Eye cooked to a medium rare, with their signature blend of spices was cooked to perfection. Undeniably tender and incredibly smoky, it is one of the best tasting, highest quality and biggest cuts of meat I can put to memory. The 10oz Filet Mignon is much larger than it sounds on paper, a sizable hunk of tender steak, the knife cuts through like proverbial butter. Unable to finish our meal in it’s entirety, Dana recommended that we package the remains of dinner in their state of the art take away containers. Take it from me: they are pretty awesome.

If you don’t make it out to Stockman’s for Las Vegas Restaurant Week, just go out and pay them a visit, it is a nice drive, and well worth the time.

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