Flavor Flav and Jeff BeacherHip-hop artist and television personality, Flavor Flav, partied at celebrity hotspot Beacher’s Madhouse (http://www.beachersmadhouse.com/) inside MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Arriving shortly after midnight with his signature clock necklace, Flavor Flav enjoyed the show’s off-the-wall antics at his VIP Table, along with OK! TV’s production crew, including producer, Jade Delgado. The group enjoyed the vaudeville-inspired spectacle, including performances by a mini Kanye West and mini Miley Cyrus, until the early morning hours while sipping on endless bottles of Hennessey and Yacht Club Vodka. After a wild night of fun, the group ended their night at close.

Beacher’s Madhouse is an 8,500-square-foot performance theatre with the energy of a nightclub and the atmosphere of an A-list Hollywood party. Created and hosted by legendary showman Jeff Beacher, who Rolling Stone Magazine declared the “Best Showman on the Strip,” this outrageously sexy and vaudeville-inspired spectacle offers guests non-stop entertainment from the World’s only Flying Little Person bartenders to renowned production acts and a mini entourage of top performers to the likes of Mini Miley Cyrus and Mini Lady Gaga. Expect the unexpected at Beacher’s Madhouse.

Located inside MGM Grand, Beacher’s Madhouse is open Thursday to Saturday from 10:30 p.m. For more information or reservations, guests may call 702.891.3577 or visit the website www.beachersmadhouse.com. Become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/beachersmadhouse.

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