Apple Reveals the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iphone 6 revealBy Sean Molloy
September 9 in Cupertino, Calif.

Apple has unveiled the latest models of their flagship device, the iPhone. Unlike in years passed there are going to be two different models in two different sizes, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches respectively. The iPhone 6 looks to capture the same cell phone audience year after year, yet with the 6 Plus, Apple is now moving into the so-called “phablet” market that has been dominated by the Galaxy Note by Samsung.

The Specs
Both versions of the phone are going to glass a brand new glass screen with a new display called “Retina HD.” The glass itself is going to follow the contours of the phone and wrap around the edges. Retina HD is going to run pixels at 1334 x 750 on the iPhone 6 and 1920 x 1080 for the iPhone 6 Plus. Both run at about 185 percent more than the 5s models. In an effort to make the phones even thinner and lighter, The 6 is 6.8mm thin, the 6 Plus is 7.1mm. That’s compared to 7.6 on the 5S. These are THIN phones. The power button is now moved to the side of the phone for easier access also. iPhone 6 and 6+ is going to run off of the new A8 processing chip, 64 bits, 20 nanometer, 25 percent faster CPU, 50 percent faster graphics. In terms of battery life, equal or better than the 5s. The iPhone 6 Plus claims 24 hours of 3G-talk time.

While the iPhone 6 has a new messaging system within the new iOS8 operating systems, the 6+ is really changing things allowing pictures to be displayed to the left and right margins as chat is continuously moving. 6+ can also run in landscape mode, using feature such as copy and paste a la their iPad systems. The LTE bands use for speed now reach 20 bands of data, about double that of the last phone. IN terms of the wifi system, it will be about triple the speed of last year’s model.

New Camera
The iPhone 6 and 6+ are going to have an 8mega-pixel camera with true-tone flash, 1.5 micron pixels and a 2.2 aperture lens. The autofocus is supposedly twice as fast. The panorama feature of the iPhone’s camera will now be upped to 43 pixels per shot. The iPhone 6 is going to have “digital” image stabilization where the 6+ is going to have optical (you can move around more and still get a perfectly balanced photo). The video camera is now going to have 1080p full HD recording in both 30 and 60 frames per second and will have a 240 frames per second slow motion option. The forward facing, “facetime” camera will now be in HD and have a “burst selfie” option, to capture all of that bathroom picture magic.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are going to be available to preorder this FRIDAY, Sept. 12 and will ship Sept. 19. Pricing breakdown below.

iPhone 6 (With Contract)
$199 16gb
$299 64gb
$399 128gb

iPhone 6 Plus (With Contract)
$299 16gb
$399 64 gb
$499 128 gb

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