Pot Liquor Contemporary American Smokehouse: Real Deal BBQ has Come to Las Vegas

Written and Photos by Jake Conlee

2014-10-30 20.03.42I love smelling like meat after dinner. The scent of peach, mesquite and oak wood fills the air. Patio lights and handmade chandeliers hang above head, while a constant flow of meats, sides and whiskey drinks buzz around the room. Classic and modern rock and blues tracks play over the sound system, while people munch away at their Mac & Cheese, Collared Greens and smoked meats. Is this Las Vegas? Is this real deal BBQ? Where am I? I’m at Pot Liquor Contemporary American Smokehouse at Town Square.

Having truly, truly delicious BBQ has been a struggle for years in the Las Vegas Valley. Pot Liquor CAS at Town Square has come to our rescue. Behind the BBQ here is passion and tradition, every bit of food, sauce, flavor and rubs are made here in house, they even cure their own bacon. Speaking with the imagineers behind this bastion of slow cooked meats and whiskey, it is easy to see the love that goes into every bite and sip here. They use a special combination of wood, their recipes are always evolving to bring Las Vegas the highest quality and one-of-a-kind BBQ, while honoring the traditions of each corner of the South; home to the very different styles of this wonderful genre of food. 2014-10-30 19.20.36When you have any type of meat sent over, Pot Liquor CAS sends over a selection of in-house BBQ sauces, sweet and tangy Kansas City sauce, Spicy Texas and North Carolina vinegar, whatever your own preference, they have you covered.

This isn’t your typical BBQ joint, either. Full of ambience and attention to detail, walking into Pot Liquor CAS is an experience in itself. But the star of the show is the food. The Spare Ribs are massive, mouth-watering and the smoke ring is pink, all the way to the bone. Baby back ribs are full of flavor, and literally fall off the bone, to melt in your mouth, while the hot links are incredibly spicy and full of flavor, and they are the best hot links I’ve personally had in years. The pulled pork butts are cooked slowly, ensuring the flavorful fat is rendered down into the meat, instead of the typical fatty hunks you might find in some pulled pork. Everything at Pot Liquor CAS is brought in fresh and served fresh. The honey butter that accompanies the sweet cornbread muffins is to die for, and as I sit here, still full from my incredible meal, please forgive me if I wax poetic about dinner, but I’m still reeling from the savory punch-in-the-mouth that I received at Pot Liquor last night.

2014-10-30 20.12.34Highlights from last night’s dinner were: everything we ate. The passion and love for BBQ shines through the brining, the dry rubs, the careful curing process, the slow smoked meats, the handmade sauces, sides, entrees and desserts. Crispy Pork Belly with Cheddar Grits, Deviled Eggs with Crispy Chicken Skin, Bacon Steak, cured in-house, Smoked Prawns with Boudin Noir on top of a bed of mixed greens were the first course, and every single one of those dishes are to be coveted. Meaty and massive spare ribs, lean and tender baby back ribs and rendered pulled pork served with the assortment of sauces are “good enough to slap your momma.”




For dessert, Chocolate Brownie Bread Pudding with Vanilla Gelato and Bourbon Caramel Anglaise, there are no words to describe how good this is. The best of both worlds; the dense chunks of hot brownie mixed with the light, fluffy bread pudding, as the gelato melts into it is a revelation.

Honestly, if you are looking for a great plate of BBQ, a great dinner and a completely different experience, then suit up in your best BBQ eating duds and head out to Pot Liquor CAS at Town Square, your mouth with thank you.

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