5 Ways Nintendo is Converting a Doubter

Amiibo-Group-ShotBy Sean Molloy

If you’ve been reading any kind of gaming coverage I’ve put out over the past few years, something is evidently clear…I’m just not a Nintendo fan. Albeit there are a few exceptions; Pokémon and Mario Kart. Neither franchise has been a system seller to me but if I get a chance to mess around with either game, I usually go for it. I’ve never had the urge to go out and spend hard earned money on a 3ds or Wii U of any variety. Yet, I am finally feeling the big “N’s” pull towards me. For a while I had no way of describing why or how this was happening so I did what I do best, make a list a publish on the internet for the world to see. Here are the 5 ways Nintendo is winning me over.

  1. Nintendo is Making Sense-In what seems a very generic reason has some concrete logic behind it. When Nintendo launched the Wii U the problems were plenty; was this a new console or peripheral? What use was the gamepad going to have? Most importantly, where are the games? In the third year of the console being on the market the questions have been answered. The Wii U is finally beginning to have an identity in the console market; this isn’t a High Def Wii anymore. The network capabilities of the Wii U are finally being shown in spades with the Miiverse and online matchmaking in Mario Kart, Super Smash and the upcoming online only shooter “Splatoon.” The system is also beginning to embrace the gamepad. Games like Mariomaker and the level creator in the upcoming Smash Brothers are going to make these creative ideas easier and more accessible to gamers everywhere.
  2. The Games are Coming-Like the aforementioned Mario Kart, Nintendo does have some giant, AAA games on the horizon. In just a few short weeks the launch of Super Smash Bros. is going to be not just a game but also an event. The Smash community is prevalent across the world and the buzz around this new iteration is only growing. Earlier this year Mario Kart 8 has been released and is doing nothing but sell gangbusters. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a holiday game, coming in early December and from what I have seen, will be added to library of games that score in the high 8’s to low 9’s range in the scale.
  3. The Amiibo Strategy- Nintendo is now going to enter the toy making business. Set to release alongside Super Smash Bros are 12 small figures based on the classic Nintendo franchises. Everyone from Mario to Link to Samus to newcomers like Wii Fit Trainer and The Villager will be made into small figures that are compatible with the game. The practical side of my groans at the $13 price tag but the collector in me is ready to head to the local toy store and buy every single one. These figures also are going to interact with the game tracking stats, leveling up characters and allow the player to drop in/drop out their favorite character.
  4. The Online Component- Personally, I have grown tired of the online gaming bubble. What once was a special experience for my clan mates and I am now a convoluted mess of every shooter tacking on an online component to a game. I can only play so many shooters in a row before I completely burn out from the lack of diversity. Yet, here comes the Wii U. Mario Kart 8 transformed what would exclusively be a couch experience into a thriving racing community through the use of online. Smash Bros. is going to allow me to battle my friends in a more casual setting. These are the kinds of games I need right now, intimate and fun experiences with several of my closest friends no matter where they are in the world. It has taken a long time for Nintendo to realize that online play is going to be essential for their survival in the coming years, I’m glad the revelation came sooner than later.
  5. I Want It- It sounds like a basic kind of reason because it is. There was no other time in the console’s life cycle where I was sad that I was missing out on something, yet here I am. I finally see the back catalog of games and want the experience. I want to move away from some of the more hardcore “M” rated experiences and just have fun again. Gaming should be that mix of wonder and amazement that can still keep someone smiling. I just find myself ore drawn than ever to Nintendo.

Congratulations Nintendo, You’ve converted a non-believer. Please don’t mess this up.

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