Movie Review – Home For The Holidays

HomefortheHolidays2by William Eamon Workman

In the spirit of the season I found a Thanksgiving movie with a gay character hoping to impress you, the reader.  Instead, I think it’s more likely to depress you.  It’s the 1995 film, Home for the Holidays.

The story follows Claudia Larson, played by Holly Hunter, as she fumbles through Thanksgiving with her certifiable family.  Her life is falling apart before she even arrives so she begs her gay brother who happens to be her best friend, Tommy who is played by Robert Downey Jr., to come home as well.  For the rest of the movie we are forced to endure chaotic scene after chaotic scene while we try to follow long, rambling stories while two characters talk over each other.  Very typical of the ’90s style I might add.  The ending is even more cliche.  Director Jodie Foster sends us through this whole whirlwind of madness just to leave us with the point that there is no point.

I understand that 20 years ago directors were taking big risks making movies like this.  This was a new style and a new concept on life and art.  However, at the end of 2014 when I’m sitting with my own crazy family and developing a headache from their boisterous claptrap, the last thing I want to do is watch more of the same.  That said, I think this movie would have a great audience with anyone who loves the National Lampoon movies and all the mess of the Griswolds.

Now, I cannot rate this movie on Netflix because for once I am not giving you a Netflix title.  Instead, this movie can be watched for free on YouTube.  If you choose to do so I hope you enjoy!  Happy Holidays!

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