Movie Review – Molly’s Girl

Mollys GirlOne thing you don’t find all that often is a good lesbian comedy.  The majority of lesbian movies I’ve found are serious dramas, but if you are looking to lighten the mood I suggest Molly’s Girl.  This is a fun, silly movie that still has enough emotional struggle in it to fulfill our need to see the characters grow.

Molly, played by Kristina Valada-Viars, is quirky to say the least and Mercedes, played by Emily Schweitz, is ruthless.  Of course, they meet at a point when both women are emotionally desperate creating the perfect storm for an unlikely romance.  When the wine wears off it’s clear that they are no perfect pair, but a surprising twist keeps them together just long enough for a few lessons to be learned.

Written and directed by Scott R. Thompson, Molly’s Girl is a bit over the top but none the less fantastic.  At first I was annoyed by Molly, thinking that her character was overacted, but she actually grew on me.  Really, we’ve all met someone like her anyway.  By the end, I was fully engulfed in all the awkward humor and ended up giving this movie a four star rating on Netflix.

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