Pot Liquor CAS: Changing the Face of Brunch

Written and photography by Jake Conlee

Brunch has become a tradition in Las Vegas over the past couple of decades, peeling yourself out of bed late on a Sunday morning, most times, we have missed the breakfast call. But, never fear, brunch is here! For quite some time, I have been on the search for a good, reliable, tasty and unique brunch spot, set away from the Strip and not of the trough-feed variety.

My favorite Las Vegas Barbecue purveyors have once again delivered… In Spades. Pot Liquor CAS at Town Square Las Vegas, your home of incredible barbecue, delicious imbibes, amazing service and equally comforting atmosphere, has introduced their own spectacular riff on the late-morning early-afternoon delight. Coupled with your choice of Mimosa, Bellini or Christian Hall’s locally world-famous Bloody Mary (as brought to me by Drey,) there are some terrific menu items that are known as a true “Southern Brunch.”

Every time I come here, I am overwhelmed (in a good way) by the sweet aroma of smoking meats and specifically chosen woods, and the warmth of the staff is similarly comforting. It is very hard not to become too involved in the menu and get lost in the amazing possibilities of different smoked meats, sweet sauces and savory comfort food, but this is brunch, and it sounds unequivocally fantastic.

First off, I have to warn you, this may create drooling, because even as I sit here and reminisce about my expanse of brunch, my mouth is watering.

Smoke House Hash
Pot Liquor’s signature smoked brisket, thin sliced, then combined with the flavors of fresh green and red peppers, grilled onions and two eggs (yolky in my world) cooked to order on a bed of crispy potatoes. This is a hash like you have never had before. Not your typical hash of mish-mash items, this is a delicious combination of carefully prepared, premium food making an insanely delectable plate of food.

Grilled Bacon Steak and Eggs
What’s Bacon Steak you ask? “There’s only one way to find out.”-Drey  The Bacon Steak is nothing short of magic on a plate. Thick, center cut and in-house cured slabs of bacon, treated like the finest steak, grilled with two fresh eggs (remember, runny,) jalapeno jam and dover white cheddar grit cake. Yes, bacon steak and grit cake, brunch has never been more awesome.

Chicken Fried Steak
It isn’t too hard to just pump out your run-of-the-mill chicken fried steak, but when you give Chef Doug at Pot Liquor the wheel on something like this, magnificent things happen. The biscuits are large and dense, the creamy and hearty gravy covers a massive hand-breaded chicken fried steak. This isn’t a normal chicken fried steak, the breading itself acts as a meal and stands up underneath the wonderfully peppered gravy.

Pulled Pork and Waffles
Pork Butts drive me nuts. Deep in the kitchen of Pot Liquor, lies the huge and formidable force that is ‘Big Bank Hank,’ the house sized smoker that churns out their signature BBQ. Big Bank Hank cranks out some of the most flavorful pulled pork that you can even imagine. Add spiced apple compote, barrel aged bourbon maple syrup and a handmade waffle, and you have this brunch in the bag.

Where is all this happening? When is it going on? Here are the sticky details:


$12.98 without alcoholic beverage(s)
$19.98 with choice of one endless Bellini, Mimosa or Bloody Mary
Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Pot Liquor CAS at Town Square
6587 South Las Vegas Blvd., Suite B-196
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: 702-816-4600


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