Pot Liquor Strikes Again: Waffle Heaven and Brunch Menu

Written and Photos by Jake Conlee

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I must apologize for the last article that I wrote, for the simple fact of, I didn’t actually try the pulled pork waffle. I did try it, this past Sunday ¬†and I am not using hyperbole; it was one of the best things that I have ever put in my mouth. Hands down. I did, however eat everything else that Pot Liquor has to offer in terms of their own interpretation of a proper Southern Sunday Brunch the week prior.

The Smokehouse Hash, the Bacon Steak, that massive hunk of wonderful Chicken Fried Steak still fresh in the mind, I was here to try the Pulled Pork Waffle. And a round of Pot Liquor’s incredible Deviled Eggs with fried chicken skin… And some Bloody Mary. The waffle came out as promised, a nice, thick waffle covered with a generous heap of Pot Liquor’s smoked pulled pork, spiced apple compote and an in-house bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. I’ll admit, I saw the waffle, and thought that something might be missing, but forging on ahead, I took my first bite. Explosive in flavor, with a spectacular blend of light, fluffy waffle, pulled pork and the snap of the apple compote, but what really brought it all together was the syrup. Sweet, smoky and smooth, the syrup imparted the flavors of each individual ingredient. Yes, this is all about the waffle. I like chicken and waffles, I like them sweet, salty and everything in between. But this is on a whole different level.

I still recommend trying out all of the other brunch foodstuffs, and bring some friends, pass them around, decide for yourselves. Enjoy brunch from the center of the action, at the bar, watch some football, have some drinks and make some new friends. Sunday fundays are great at Pot Liquor.

Check out the brunch menu, and it never hurts to throw in a couple of regular menu items, to really round out the experience. Pot Liquor CAS is at the Town Square, just follow your nose. You’ll smell it.



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