Running Improves Brain Health

By Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC

Las Vegas Informer

Use running as a catalyst to maintain lifelong mental sharpness. Enhance the health of your brain with consistent aerobic exercise. Nourish the brain with physical exercise to improve and preserve cognitive performance.

The human brain is an intricate structure, by far the most complex of all human organs. It is the command center of the nervous system and controls almost all of the body’s functions. The human brain is a physiological marvel which constantly remolds and grows when new stimuli are applied.

Exercise: The benefits of running are numerous. Brain health is one of the utmost products of regular exercise. Research science has proven exercise heightens mood, alleviates depression, improves memory, enhances attention, increases organizational skills and boosts planning abilities.

Oxygen: The brain requires a steady flow of oxygen and nutrients for optimal function. Aerobic exercise increases blood flow throughout the body, including the brain. Supply your brain with an increased stream of oxygenated blood and healthy nutrients with physical exercise. The increased amount of oxygenated blood to the brain results in better nourished brain cells.

Hormones and Brain Chemicals: Hormones and important brain chemicals are produced and released during physical training. Exercise stimulates the production of the protein, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, BDNF, which triggers brain cells to growth, interconnect and communicate. BDNF triggers numerous brain chemicals that promote brain tissue health. BDNF improves neuroplasticity, which is growth or positive changes in neuropathways and synapses.

New Cells: Studies show that exercise assists in the prevention of neurodegeneration and age-related memory decline. Physical activity not only prevents brain atrophy, it promotes brain growth. Research findings reveal that exercise directly stimulates the production of new brain cells. The dentate gyrus, a section of the brain chiefly involved in learning and memory, benefits immensely from exercised-generated new cell formation.

Seniors: Mature brains benefit a great deal from exercise. Movement keeps the heart pumping oxygenated blood to the brain. Researchers discovered that physical exercise is more important than mental exercise for thwarting age related brain symptoms. One study found that seniors who walked an average of thirty to forty-five minutes three times a week for one year showed a two percent increase in the volume of their hippocampus, a section of the brain important in memory.

Conclusion: Movement is the best medicine for the brain. Running promotes brain health. Exercise increases concentration, memory, mood and cognitive function. Nourish your brain with fresh oxygen and nutrients through consistent aerobic exercise. Stimulate the brain to grow with creative and challenging types of exercise. Encourage increased brain function with regular aerobic exercise. Maintain a well-functioning brain by running or walking on a consistent basis.

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Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is the owner and treating doctor at Championship Chiropractic. 8871 W. Flamingo Rd, Suite #202, Las Vegas, NV 89147.  His web address is He can be contacted at (702) 286-9040 and

Dr. Donald A. Ozello’s mission is to educate and inspire others to live healthier, fitter, more functional lives.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is the author of the book “Running: Maximize Performance & Minimize Injuries: A Chiropractor’s Guide to Minimizing the Potential for Running Injuries.” He writes a weekly health, fitness and nutrition column for The Las Vegas Informer. He is published in OnFitness and He has educational health, fitness and nutritional videos on Informer TV, and YouTube.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC proudly handles Standard Process Supplements and Foot Levelers Orthotics.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is an award-winning public speaker. He has spoken to numerous groups on the importance of health, fitness, exercise, ergonomics, nutrition and injury prevention.

Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC is a fitness enthusiast. Functional kettlebell training, running and bike riding are his favorite types of exercise.

Before pursuing his career in Chiropractic, Dr. Donald A. Ozello DC served in the United States Navy aboard the USS Bremerton, SSN 698.

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