Movie Review – The Four Faced Liar

The Four Faced LiarBy William Eamon Workamn

We all want to find love that sweeps us off our feet, but we get mostly cheating scoundrels or passionless time wasters.  What about those few who are so nearly perfect it kills you that they’re not?  The Four-Faced Liar confronts us with all of these relationship riddles and more.

Couple Molly and Greg, played by Emily Peck and Daniel Carlisle, meet roommates Trip and Bridget, played by Todd Kubrak and Marja-Lewis Ryan, in a New York City pub and become instant friends.  When Molly and Greg find themselves as frozen as the winter weather, Bridget turns up the heat.  Sparks fly and a few fires are set but as the casualties are counted we’re left to wonder, is it ever truly possible to have it all?

This award winning film was actually written by Marja-Lewis Ryan, which must be why she connected with her character so well.  She and director Jacob Chase created characters so detestable yet lovable and a story so compelling and honest that you would never guess this was a low-budget indie film.  To watch it is to love it and it’s no wonder it’s won awards at several LGBT festivals.

It can be just as hard to find a perfect movie as it is to find a perfect partner.  However, I think this one was good enough to earn itself five stars.  I’ve watched it several times, and each time I realize something new and love it a little more.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as well since it’s on Netflix and you can see it tonight.

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