Movie Review – Tomboy

Tomboyby William Eamon Workman

We tend to think that life is sweet and innocent for children. That they have not yet had to face any issues of real consequence.  However, in the years preceding adolescence many things change for us that we aren’t yet equipped to understand.  Most of us deal with these changes with the help of friends or family, but gender identity issues complicate matters and leave some of us to fend for ourselves.  Tomboy is a perfect portrayal of this, showing one girl’s struggle to be a boy.

Laure, played by Zoe Heran, has just been moved to a new town and everything seems picture perfect.  She has a loving family, she’s made friends with all the kids in the neighborhood, and she even has a little love interest.  There is only one problem, she’s told everyone she’s Mickael and she’s quickly learning it’s harder to be a boy than she thought.

I was very impressed with this film, written and directed by Celine Sciamma.  It’s a beautiful, minimalist film that draws us into Laure’s mind and makes us feel.  We are excited and scared for her, sharing her happiness and her pain.  We know the worst is coming but we hope for the best.  I was especially struck by the level of maturity that was evident in the performances of these young actors and actresses.  Zoe created subtle nuances of character that really brought Mickael to life.

The ending felt a bit abrupt and left me with several frustrating questions, however, I have no other complaints with this film.  I enjoyed watching it very much and would gladly watch it again.  Therefore, I give this beautiful drama a rating of four and a half stars.  S’amuser!

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