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By Nikki Artale and Victoria Alexander

Las Vegas Informer

What does it take to be a private investigator? A flashy car, a loud shirt and a trademark mustache like TV’s iconic tom Magnum? Or does our image of a “private eye” slant more towards Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer and Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe? Do you think the only way to catch a cheating spouse is by going on “Cheaters”?

Are you frustrated that your high school sweetheart is not on Facebook?

Experience and knowledge are the key elements in the investigative methods that include having access to vast databases in searching for missing persons, divorce and child custody records, workman’s compensation fraud and background checks.

And then there is the most common use of private investigators-cheating spouses. This specialty requires sophisticated surveillance techniques, training and equipment, along with undercover operations that provides the information that is needed in each individual case. The most important factors are discretion, confidentiality, and caring about the client.

To find out exactly what a private investigator does, we contacted Las Vegas private investigator, Venus Lovetere. Her business card reads “Specializing in Unusual & Difficult Cases”.


We spent a recent afternoon at Venus’s office at 1900 E. Bonanza Road, at a criminal law firm. While unsure at first exactly what we really wanted, Venus vetted us thoroughly. (Did Venus uncover Victoria’s spending history and Nikki’s overburdened event calendar?) Venus told us we passed, so she was willing to answer all our questions. We came away thrilled to know Venus. The most significant opinion we agreed upon was that Venus cared about her clients and made each case a personal one.

Venus Investigations came to Las Vegas in 1992. Venus became a licensed private investigation in 1988. Venus began her “private eye” career working on high-profile cases as a member of famous P.I. Vinny Parco’s New York team. Venus started by answering Parco’s phones and quickly realized she had a talent for complex finance-based investigations. Venus became a licensed private detective in 1988.

Venus presents a very likable demeanor and a disarming friendliness. People like talking to her which is a skill a private investigator must have to be s successful. Acquiring information is what investigators do and Venus knows the words, phrases and tone of voice needed to delve deeper to secure the information her clients want. There is more to Venus’s work than having the ability to search databases.

Venus talked to us about the cases that involve surveillance. “Wild Card Nikki” jumped in “I want to go with you on the next one. To take photos”.*

Facebook may have 500 million users, but not the girl you met on the train to New York in 1959. People finder websites need a full name and city. The websites that offer these services use outdated information and usually require a monthly fee that is often impossible to stop.  There are many websites devoted to unhappy users complaining about these companies.

The only option left is Venus. Her fee is modest and she will dedicate 3 weeks to the search. Venus confided that it rarely takes that long using her search techniques. She will know within days where your long-lost college roommate is and other helpful information.

Experience and knowledge are the key elements in the investigative methods that include vast databases in searching for missing persons, divorce and child custody, workman’s compensation fraud, background checks, infidelities and more. Surveillance experience and equipment, along with undercover operations will provide the information that is needed in each individual case. The most important factor is being discreet, confidential and caring about the client.

Private investigator Venus Lovetere cares about her clients and makes each case a personal one. No case is too small or too big. Nikki immediately bonded with Venus upon discovering that they both were from New Jersey. They became instant friends.

Venus is an expert in knowing how to find someone and she told us about an 86 year old man who had recently been widowed and wanted to find his sweetheart again. Venus found the woman and gave her client a thorough report and a recent photograph of her. Unfortunately she is married. Another case was of a woman who thought her husband was cheating with another woman. Venus’s investigation discovered that he was indeed cheating. However, he was cheating with a man. The wife was relieved that he wasn’t cheating with another woman.

Venus works with lawyers, bail bond companies and employers. It is common for employers to hire a private investigator to do a background check on a prospective employee. Venus is an expert at “skip tracing” – finding a person who has left an outstanding debt. This type of investigation often requires Venus to “gumshoe” (as it was known back in the 50’s) by visiting former addresses, interviewing neighbors and generally tracking a person’s physical “footprint” using their known history.

Primary importance for anyone thinking about hiring the services of a private investigator is, understandably, confidentiality. Venus assured us that even an inquiry is treated with confidentiality.

If you have a problem or a situation that you cannot solve yourself, Venus Investigations will tackle it.

VENUS INVESTIGATIONS, 1900 E Bonanza Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

NV PI Lic #1015. CA PI Lic #15988

(702) 361-0528 Telephone

(702) 546-0103 Fax

*Nikki’s story about going “undercover” with Venus will appear later in Las Vegas Informer.

If your career is unusual and you would be interested in Nikki and Victoria visiting you, please send Nikki Artale at and Victoria Alexander at an email.

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