Movie Review – Stranger by the Lake

Stranger by the lakeby William Eamon Workman

Have you ever been so desperate for love that you made one reckless decision after another?  It happens to the best of us at least once, but I doubt very many people would take it as far as putting their life on the line.  However, that’s exactly what happens in Stranger by the Lake.

Franck, played by Pierre Deladonchamps, is infatuated with Michel, played by Christophe Paou, after he sees him at a gay men’s cruising spot.  When he learns that Michel is unavailable he bides his time until Michel’s boyfriend is suddenly out of the picture.  Delighted by his opportunity, yet wary of it’s cause, he makes his move and passion ensues.  Is it worth it?

Some may say this movie, written and directed by Alain Guiraudie, is nothing more than a sausage fest.  It is true that there is an uncanny amount of male nudity depicted in all states and from all angles.  However, such is the nature of the beast at a cruising spot and Guiraudie made every encounter an opportunity to learn more about the characters rather than bombarding us with cheap sex for the thrill.

By the end of this movie I was absorbed in deep, psychological suspense and it’s been few and far between in my adult years that a movie can do that.  I was baffled by the end until I remembered the old cliche “There are fates worse than death” and realised that many would count loneliness on that list.  What about you?  Stream this title, which I give 4.5 stars, on Netflix now to see if you would choose differently or fall in the same trap as Franck.

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