Movie Review – The Last Summer of La Boyita

la_boyitaby William Eamon Workman

I hope that you love understated foreign films as much as I do because I’m about to rave over yet another one.  In my opinion, The Last Summer of La Boyita is one of the best “transgender” movies I’ve seen yet.  I put transgender in quotations because it’s not quite that simple; it’s more about gender ambiguity.  But if I had to give it one of the L, G, B, or T labels then that’s the one I would choose.

Jorgelina, played by Guadalupe Alonso, is spending a very boring summer at her home in a city in Argentina because her sister has recently decided she’s too old to play with kids.  She escapes her frustrations by joining her father on a trip to the country where she hopes to have better luck with her friend Mario, played by Nicolas Treise.  Mario seems strange though, always acting a bit stand-offish.  Then Jorgelina notices that he seems sick and has a very strange explanation for his condition.  When she tells her father and unbelievable secret emerges and shakes both the children and the adults to their core.

This is a beautiful story about independence, strength, and friendship.  I don’t think that writer and director Julia Solomonoff could have done a better job.  Rather than filling every moment with words and actions, she allows the quiet expressions of the children tell how they are feeling and growing.  The children do a wonderful job at acting natural, as though they not only understand their roles but are their characters.  This story didn’t let me down at the end either.  We come away with real closure, knowing that these children have grown from their experiences and have taken one more step towards adulthood.  I love everything about this movie and will probably watch it several more times.  For a movie this good I have to rate it five shining gold stars.

I know that minimalist films are a bit of a niche and that not everyone likes them.  However, that is the typical style of foreign movies and other countries make more/better LGBT films.  That’s why I review so many of them and I hope you come to love them as I have.

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