Movie Review – Five Dances

Five Dancesby William Eamon Workman

I’ve been trying to find a gay film for my movie review but, whether it’s because that’s not my thing or because they really were just awful, I’ve hated every one that I watched.  That is until I came across the movie Five Dances.  It’s actually a really adorable love story.

Chip Daniel, played by Ryan Steele, is in New York struggling to live as a dancer.  He snags a choice spot in a performance and meets fellow dancer Theo, played by Reed Luplau.  Their dynamic relationship of competition and friendship ultimately blossoms into something more.  We know it may not last, but we root for it all the same.

Writer and director Alan Brown did a fantastic job of showing how emotion can be presented through movement and expression.  It didn’t hurt that his actors were fantastic dancers.  Reed graduated from the Australian Ballet School, joined the Sydney Dance Company, and won the Australian Dance Award for “Most Outstanding Male Dancer” in 2009 before he moved to NYC and took up acting.  Ryan received training from The Juilliard School’s Summer Dance Intensive and many other programs and went on to perform on Broadway before he took to the silver screen.  Both men and the supporting actors were excellent in their performance and I could just as easily get lost in the dance as I could the plot.

Overall this was a really beautiful movie.  What struck me most was how refreshing it was because it didn’t rely on the time worn cliches like drugs, clubs, or broken marriages.  This is a very unique movie and a touching story of young love and that’s why I gave it four stars.

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