Prolific Problem Solver Searches for Possibility in Computer Repair

Leo Harten, the Head Technician of Leo Harten Computers, Inc, a computer network and repair business.

Leo Harten, the Head Technician of Leo Harten Computers, Inc, a computer network and repair business.

Harten Computers Owner helps clients with high level analytical thinking

By Guy Dawson

Las Vegas Informer

   Leo Harten, the Owner of Leo Harten Computers Inc bases all of his decisions on what he can figure out. His attention to deep analytical thought serves him well as he seeks to solve his client’s networking and computer problems. According to Harten, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can figure out.

   “I pride myself on being able to find solutions that other people can’t,” he said. “I just keep trying things until I can figure out the best solution for my clients. Being able to think is really important.”

   Harten has been working with computers since 1969. As a sixth grader, he enrolled in a computer class at a community college and immediately developed a curiosity for how the technology worked. At that time, there were no keyboards or monitors. All of the data was displayed on punch tape.

   “Computers were very slow and cumbersome back then but I was really passionate about working on them,” he said. “I learned to write programs in Octel and continued to expand my knowledge. I was eventually accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

   After studying Physics at MIT, Harten started a consulting firm that played an extensive role in the development of the Macsyma computer algebra system. His firm also received major contracts from the US Departments of Defense and Energy.

  In 1989, Harten’s firm partnered with other technology-based companies in a historic undertaking. Their combined efforts led to the commercialization of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), a government funded network that was one of the main predecessors of what would become the global Internet. Harten said that he had no idea that the Internet would grow to be such a widely used network.

   “What we were doing was a novelty at that time,” he said. “There was no real Internet until 1992/1993 and even then there were few Internet sites. Everything was so expensive back then and the fees for Internet service were as high as $10,000 per month. Only large companies could really afford it.”

   Harten spent another decade in the computer consulting business before moving to Las Vegas in 2004. After working for a time as a high school math and physics teacher, he decided to seek employment with local computer businesses. He was shocked when several of the companies told him he was too old to be in computers.

   “I was eventually hired by a firm and I went on to become their top salesman and trainer,” he said. “It was a wonderful opportunity to help a lot of people.”

   The entrepreneurial urge led Harten to start his own network and computer services business in 2012. Since then, he has spent much of his time business networking and solving computer problems for clients.

“ I have an awful lot of experience in the field of computer services,” he said. “When it comes to computer issues, I am always focused on possibility.

For more information about Leo Harten Computers Inc, call (702) 408-4984 or visit

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